Breaking News – Manchester United Sacks Mourinho. 


Look….no one is Sir Fergie. No one. And when Fergie was done, we all knew tough roads were ahead. Manchester United is one of the most expensive and respected sports franchise in the world, and the talent and management just has to continue to pour in, right? I mean, LVG and Moyes weren’t horrendous. David Moyes did win the Community Shield in his first match, but failed to lead the club to the Champions League qualification. Van Gaal was appointed manager after Moyes, and signed a number of prominent starters on the way to a fourth place finish in his first season. Man U then won the FA Cup, giving us an instant big to the Champions League the following year. After we sacked LVG, Mourinho came in and the rest has been recent history. 

Manchester United doesn’t need to rush into finding a new manager. This decision literally should be made by Ferguson in my opinion. Bring back the greatest football manager of all time and let him decide who should run the team. Originally, Fergie wanted Klopp to manage United, but Klopp still had years left at Dortmund and decided to wait it out. Now, Klopp leads the Premier League with Liverpool. 

So the question is…who should be Manchester United’s new manager? One name screams much louder than the others, but is Zidane a viable option for the Red Devils? Personally, hell yes. There are other notable names that should carry weight however. Gary Neville has already thrown his support around Poch becoming United’s next manager, saying “I said last season that the next manager of Man Utd should be Pochettino.” Poch is the current Tottenham manager. 

Some other notable managers that Man U could go after are Laurent Blanc, Gunnar Solskjaer, Antonio Conte (please no), and two of my personal favorites, Ryan Giggs and Diego Simeone. Personally, any other these names (except Conte) are all true viable options, but personally just pick the guy Fergie likes the most. I’m only half kidding. 

You just can’t waste this lineup. I fully understand that Pogba has been benched due to form, but with Mourinho gone you have to think there’s a breath of fresh air running through the lineup. Let this team just play, because the shit they have been tossing out there every weekend can’t get much worse. 

All in all…..please give me some Poch. Please. Steal me Poch.

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