Will Grier to Sit Out of WVU’s Bowl Game

Greg and I have discussed this many times…should players sit out of bowl games if they have already declared for the NFL draft? Personally, I see zero issue with this, and I think Greg was on the same page except for the fact that eventually, we might see people sitting out of the College Football Playoff games, or even the National Championship Game. The one thing we don’t see eye to eye on is the fact that Grier will go in the first round, but well leave that for another day.

This trend of college athletes sitting out during bowl games has risen after significant injuries, such as Jaylen Smith and Jake Butt. This is the most notable Quarterback to sit out in recent memory and for me this just means the kid wants to be ready for the NFL and not potentially suffer a massive injury for no reason.

Bowl Games mean nothing. Yes, you get a trophy and a prize for being in specific bowl games, but let’s just be honest that these games don’t really mean anything. Smith went from a first overall pick to a second round flyer all because of an injury in a bowl game.

I get the whole “Pride for your School” thing, but these schools don’t care about their athletes. West Virginia will obviously take a big hit from this, but the hit that Grier could potentially take would cost him more than a simple to Syracuse.

I’m behind college athletes sitting out of Bowl Games to prepare for the pros. This is a tricky slope however, because we may see more and more top prospects sit out an entire year if their team gets two early losses in the season. Nick Bosa obviously had some injury issues, but his decision to prepare for the NFL draft sets a steep precedent for what NCAA athletes can do to improve their NFL stock.

I don’t see this ever impacting a National Championship game, however. The spot light on the CFP compared to a simple Pinstripe Bowl is astronomical. That game alone can sky rocket a third round talent into the first round, unlike most bowl appearances.

Let me just end this by saying, Greg…you’re wrong.

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