What do Gotham City, Metropolis and the NHL have in common? The answer is simple…. a Villain.

Washington Capitals Forward Tom Wilson is the Unofficial “Official” villain of the NHL. Is that biased? No definitely not. Wilson has traveled from City to City landing headshots, throwing bows, and for all we know has probably stole some kids candy. The NHL and player safety have finally come to realize what a nuisance Wilson is and have suspended him on multiple occasions. However Wilson, returned to the lineup a few games ago and the world was not ready for what happened next.

The defending Stanley Cup Champions visited “Sin City” and the Vegas Golden Knights in a GREAT hockey game. Emphasis on great because a True Superhero emerged in this game. Golden Knights Forward Ryan Reaves took down Wilson not once, not twice, but THREE times. Reaves laid a clean shoulder to shoulder hit on Tom Wilson.. Although the hit was a little late, Ryan Reaves saved “Sin City” by removing the NHL’s biggest villain from the game. Just like every villain, Tom Wilson will be disappearing for awhile.