Moorhead’s Power Rankings – Week 14


New York Jets


Previous Rank: 29

Whelp that’s a wrap for the Jets. Bowles will be gone after this year even though it is not all his fault. This team had the lead for the majority of this game against the Titans but they ended up losing the game. This team quit on the coach and the fact that Darnold is healthy and hey are continuing to start McCown is ludicrous. They get Buffalo in a rematch this week and honestly it is probably going to be the same result.


San Francisco 49ers


Previous Rank: 30

The crazy thing about this drop for the 49ers is that Nick Mullens threw the most passing yards out of every quarterback last week at 414 yards. Other than that though, the 98 yard pick six did not help Mullen’s case and their defense gave up three first half touchdowns to Russell Wilson and were officially eliminated from the playoff picture in the AFC. They get Denver this week and the way the defense and run game are for Denver it’s going to be a long shot for the 49ers to come away with a victory.


Oakland Raiders


Previous Rank: 31

Yes I know they lost last week against the Chiefs, but it was so much closer than expected. 40-33 was the total score and the Raiders made the most out of Kansas City’s defensive struggles. They were also eliminated from playoff contention in the NFC, but did anyone think anything different besides Jon Gruden. I didn’t think so. The Steelers are up this week and after losing two straight games and James Connor for the week expect Pittsburgh to take its aggression out on Oakland.


Cincinnati Bengals


Previous Rank: 27

A lot of you will say I am biased at this point for ranking this team so low, but I promise you I am not. This team like I said last week is lost and are even more lost now with the loss of A.J. Green for the year. Tyler Boyd has been doing decent in his place as the # 1 receiver and Driskel hasn’t been too terrible but their defense continues to be the black hole that sucks any talent out of this struggling faction. This week they face the Chargers. Will they win? Probably not.


Arizona Cardinals


Previous Rank: 32

I thought I had to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming. The Cardinals actually knocked off the Green Bay Packers in a shocking victory. Rosen didn’t do much as the team relied on the run game as David Johnson ran for 69 yards and Chase Edmunds ran for two rushing touchdowns. This week they get Detroit and I wouldn’t be surprised if this closer than it should be.


Washington Redskins


Previous Rank: 19

The biggest drop of the week goes to the Redskins as they drop eight spots this week. Why is that? They lost their second string quarterback Colt McCoy for the year and have to rely on Mr. Butt Fumble himself: Mark Sanchez. At this point Adrian Peterson is the only player worthy to talk about as he tied Jim Brown for 106 rushing touchdowns. Still despite the 90 yard touchdown run he had he still did not reach 100 rushing yards. Washington continues to be injury prone and is basically done at this point.


Jacksonville Jaguars


Previous Rank: 28

Looks the Jacksonville defense decided to show up after all. They move up two spots strictly for beating a powerful Colts team and not only that but they shut out Andrew Luck for the first time in his entire career. This game wasn’t high scoring at all and was boring in my mind cause neither offense could get anything going. With Fournette coming back this week they play against the Titans Thursday night and I’m slowly leaning on the Titans on this one.


Buffalo Bills


Previous Rank: 24

The Bills move down one spot after their loss to the Dolphins last week. I expected them to win which was odd considering how well Josh Allen played again. Yes I know he threw two picks but he again proved that his legs were a monstrous weapon of choice rushing for 139 yards on 9 carries. That’s about 15 and a half yards per carry just so you know folks. A rematch with the Jets happens this week and I’d be shocked if the Bills didn’t prevail again against them.


Atlanta Falcons


Previous Rank: 21

Yikes I really thought this game was going to be closer sadly the Falcons lost to the Ravens by 10 points. Matt Ryan did not play very well at all tossing under 150 yards and an easy touchdown to Austin Hooper. The defenses on both sides got touchdowns this week but other than that this team just keeps getting worse. Green Bay is in their radar this week and even with Mike McCarthy gone I still see Green Bay winning this game over the Falcons.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Previous Rank: 26

Okay this was surprising for the offense to do as well as they did but the defense played phenomenal in this game. Coming in as one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL, the Buccaneers picked off Cam Newton 4 times in this game. Winston also tossed two touchdowns and was the leading rusher in this game. This week Tampa Bay gets New Orleans again and I bet you Tampa will give them a challenge but the Saints will get the victory this week.


Detroit Lions


Previous Rank: 22

The Lions don’t budge in the rankings this week despite losing to the Rams last week. The reason being was that the Lions held the Rams in check for a while until Todd Gurley went crazy on their defense. This team isn’t good but they aren’t god awful either and hopefully the return of Kerryon Johnson changes that, but it is very doubtful at this point. They are in danger of falling to the Cardinals this week however which puts them in jeopardy of falling down hard in the rankings.


New York Giants


Previous Rank: 25

I made two upset calls this week. This is the one I got right. That’s right I picked the Giants to upset the Bears and at first I thought I was foolish for it but surprisingly they capitalized right off the back by creating a pick six off a poorly thrown ball by Daniels. The offense was decent as well including Saquon being Saquon and Odell Beckham Jr throwing his second touchdown of the season. The game went to overtime eventually besting the Bears. This week they face the Redskins and I’d be very shocked if they didn’t come away with another victory and keep playoff hopes alive.


Miami Dolphins


Previous Rank: 23

The Dolphins were a surprise this week as they played not great but decent enough to knock off the Bills. I honestly though ring rust would cloud the mind and body of Ryan Tannehill and some ways it made sense. He might have thrown three touchdowns but he also threw a pick and only threw for 137 yards. Not a great win behind any reason but Tannehill threw three touchdowns and that rarely happens so I’ll give him credit against a decent Buffalo defense. I just wish they would figure out the run game and they are going to need it against New England in a rematch.


Cleveland Browns


Previous Rank: 16

Okay maybe Cleveland wasn’t the pack of star studs I thought they were. That was proven as this was my other upset which I completely bombed. They were down 23-0 at halftime. Baker threw for almost 400 yards and a touchdown, but he also threw three interceptions one of them being a pick six. Jarvis Landry and Nick Chubb did well as Chubb scores and Landry had over 100 receiving yards. They face Carolina this week and they are on a losing streak which asks the question? Can Cleveland get it done against them? I guess we’ll find out.


Green Bay Packers


Previous Rank: 17

I was actually stuck between Green Bay and Cleveland at who did worse this week and honestly it was really tough to decide. Green Bay lost to the worst team in the NFL last week in the Cardinals. After the game they fired their head coach of 13 years; Mike McCarthy. Do I think it was the right time to fire him? Absolutely, although I would have waited until the end of the season to fire him but they think they can make a playoff run which is ridiculous but who knows at this point. I think they will have new problems but not as many as people think which is why they only move down a spot.


Philadelphia Eagles


Previous Rank: 20

The Eagles prevailed last Monday night over the Redskins. It was pretty easy since Mark Sanchez was the quarterback. Carson Wentz did look good though and they finally found a game to get Golden Tate involved. He was beginning to look like a bust but he proved his worth in this one. This week the Eagles travel to Dallas to take on the Cowboys and it’s gonna be a tough one but I actually see the Eagles losing this one but who knows with the NFL these days.


Carolina Panthers


Previous Rank: 11

This one is a no brainer to me. The Panthers who were once 6-2 have lost four games straight and there was no reason they should have lost last week to the Buccaneers. Cam Newton was picked off four yes four times against a terrible Bucs defense. Christian McCaffrey continues to be the focal point of the offense but that’s about it. This team faces Cleveland this week and honestly I believe Cleveland will put them on a five game losing streak.


Tennessee Titans


Previous Rank: 18

Comeback season is in the air I suppose as the Titans move up three spots after beating the Jets last week. I honestly did not think the Titans were going to get it done but the Jets just seemed to give them the game at the end. I’m a sucker for comeback stories so this week the Titans get the Jaguars and am confident in saying that they will play a low scoring game and beat Jacksonville.


Indianapolis Colts


Previous Rank: 10

Good lord what happened in this game?? Andrew Luck and the Colts were held to 0 points for the first time in Andrew Luck’s young career. That is saying a lot as Luck was throwing 300 or more passing yards for most of the games this season with touchdowns as well. I expected this to be low scoring but 6-0 yikes. Doesn’t look good for the Colts either as they drop five spots and look to try to prove themselves against divisional rival Houston this week. It’s gonna be close but I have more faith in Houston at this point.


Denver Broncos


Previous Rank: 15

The Broncos move up two spots after running all over the Bengals last week. Case Keenum did okay throwing for 150 yards and a touchdown to Courtland Sutton but they relied mostly on Philip Lindsay and the Denver defense to come away with their third victory in a row. This week Denver is challenged in the form of the 49ers and I say challenge very lightly as I imagine Denver coming away with an easy victory this week.


Minnesota Vikings


Previous Rank: 8

Okay sorry but this just a poor display from the Vikings last week even though it was against New England. Their defense in my mind is not good anymore and still they were able to isolate Adam Thielen and pick off Cousins twice in the game. Cousin’s problem continues to be turnovers as he fumbles and gets intercepted too often for the offense to be efficient. The defense is also becoming a problem as they give up too many points and aren’t as impacting as they were last year. They get a challenge this week too as they face a red hot Seahawks team with Russell Wilson playing incredible this year.


Baltimore Ravens


Previous Rank: 12

Are you scared of Baltimore yet? I’m terrified being a Steelers fan. At this point the main weapon they have is unpredictability. You cannot prepare for this offense each week. Lamar Jackson has won three straight games as the starting quarterback and the addition of Gus Edwards also running the ball creates confusion for defenses. They get a huge test this week though as they face the burning hot Chiefs. With their defense being elite I am interested to see how they step up to Mahomes and if the defense can stop Jackson.


Seattle Seahawks


Previous Rank: 9

Okay I get it the Seahawks won so why did they drop a spot. This was a very unimpressive win for me for this team. It just seems like this team wasn’t challenged in this game against the 49ers. Wilson threw three touchdowns in the first half on just four completions. I say again on four completions. The rest of the game was just playing easy holding the lead all the way to the final score of 43 to 16. They get an actual challenge in the Vikings this Monday and I think this one will be worth watching more to decide good spots in the NFC.


Dallas Cowboys


Previous Rank: 14

Are you serious? I was in utter disbelief when I watched this game. The Cowboys knocked off the 1st place Saints in their own house and won 13-10. I was highly impressed with the defense here who held Brees to 127 passing yards and also picked him off once. With that win the Cowboys broke a ten game winning streak from the Saints which moves them up five spots on our rankings and into the top ten. This week the Cowboys get a divisional rivalry in the form of the Eagles and I predict the Cowboys will beat the Eagles again and move one step closer to claiming the NFC East division.


Chicago Bears


Previous Rank: 7

Da Bears da blew it last week. They had a chance to make an example of their strengths against a last place Giants team but instead let them get ahead and had to chase them for a majority of the game and into overtime. They need Trubisky back as the offense just isn’t as explosive without him. The defense had a tough task trying to stop Barkley and Beckham and eventually fell victim to them in the end. This week Chicago gets a crack at the Rams on Sunday night and I cannot wait to watch this game and the results it gives us as viewers.


Pittsburgh Steelers


Previous Rank: 6

Losing two in a row is never good especially since they were up against teams that needed to be beaten. The Steelers drop one after a controversial loss to the Chargers. I say controversial because I am petty about the referees in this game. Two really bad calls gave the Chargers two touchdowns and the first offside call was a load of barnacles as well. I get that teams are supposed to rise above but now we have a lot of work to do. James Connor is missing this week against the Raiders with a lower leg contusion and I swear if we do not win this game against Oakland we won’t be New England and we won’t beat New Orleans either.


Houston Texans


Previous Rank: 13

Okay maybe I was a bit too hard on the Texans. I actually had them losing to the Browns this week but boy did I fudge that up hard. The Texans are on a nine game winning streak and this roll will continue this week I believe. They get the Colts this week in a rematch and the way the Colts played last week against the Jaguars it will probably go into the favor of the Texans.


Los Angeles Chargers


Previous Rank: 5

Point blank the Chargers got very lucky in this game as some of the calls were given to them which provided them with two touchdowns and a three point lead to beat the Steelers. Keenan Allen was the star of this game even though it looked like Rivers was a carbon Tom Brady copycat throwing five yard passes to his receivers and getting big yardage out of it. The Chargers get an easy task this week in the form of the Bengals who will most likely take their record to 10-3.


Kansas City Chiefs


Previous Rank: 3

The Chiefs won their game against the Raiders so why did they move down one spot. Two reasons; one being the loss of Kareem Hunt who was fired from the team afterward video turned up of him assaulting women by shoving and kicking them and two; their defense was absolutely terrible in this game giving thirty points to one of the worst teams in the NFL that being the Raiders. They get an interesting challenge this week in facing the Baltimore Ravens. Will they keep their streak going or will they become the next victim of Lamar Jackson.


New England Patriots


Previous Rank: 4

The Patriots move up a spot after dispatching the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday. I thought this was gonna be a closer match but I was disappointed to learn that they held the Vikings to only ten points. Brady threw one touchdown to Josh Gordon and fixed on James White as being the primary target in the passing game. This week they get an easy opponent in the Dolphins who were crushed last time they faced the Patriots. The way they are going they could easily win the AFC once again.


New Orleans Saints


Previous Rank: 1

I don’t want to hear any complaining on why I moved the Saints down a spot. They lost plain and simple to the Dallas Cowboys. The only bright spot was the defense that held the Cowboys to thirteen points and forced Dak Prescott to fumble the ball twice. The offense could not click at all this game and that bothers me because what happens if this isn’t the only bad game the Saints play and what if other teams figure out how to stop them. Who knows? They get the team who caused their first loss week one in the Buccaneers and the payback will be well deserved leading them to a record of 11-2.


Los Angeles Rams


Previous Rank: 2

The Rams regain the # 1 spot on the rankings following the Saint’s loss to the Cowboys. Yes I know they were beaten by the Saints but analyzing the teams off what they bring to the table now, I can see the Rams beating the Saints if they were to play each other again. Todd Gurley rushes like a bad bad man this week again and even though Goff threw a pick, he also threw a touchdown but not too many passing yards. The plan was to use Gurley and the run game against Detroit and they excelled at it having Goff throw only when he had to. The Rams face the Bears in the Sunday night game in what is going to be a showdown for the ages. I do have the Rams coming out on top but only by three points with a score of 33-30.

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