A Fantasy Football Poem

It was the night before playoffs, and all through the league.

No owner could sleep, maybe free agent pickup fatigue?

You’ve done all the research, you won that one week.

You beat your girlfriends Dad, a special thank you to the Chiefs Tyreek.

Sitting here now, with the season’s close coming near,

lets take a look back at the fantasy football year.

For the regular season, no player did more

Than LA’s Todd Gurley, all he really did was score

Some surprising names at the top of the list,

but none more surprising than this entire rookie conquest,

On Barkley, on Lindsay, on Chubb and Kerryon,

Its truly amazing all the leagues these guys won

You lived on the waiver wire, got your players no bother,

but one name that wins a league, is that of James Conner.

Lets get to QB’s, the kings on the thrones,

but one king sits higher, his name Sir Patty Mahomes.

This kid has a CANNON, leading the Kansas City Band,

too bad they still lost to that team from La La Land.

Tight Ends were quite scarce, the production did hurt,

unless of course you drafted, Travis Kelce or Zach Ertz

George Kittle did wonders, proving he was top tier

you probably finished last if you drafted Gronkowski this year

If you made it to the playoffs, your season went well

and if you didnt make the cut, you also drafted Le’Veon Bell.

With the season closing and the trophy in sight,

I wanted to wish you all, a Fantasy Football, Good Night.

But I fell asleep watching Harry Potter and finished this in the morning.

So I hope you enjoyed it, traditionally the content I put out is rather boring.

So go on and win, be the champ you can be,

just dont forget, the warriors blew a 3-1 lead.




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