Seattle Joins the NHL

Seattle Washington, December 4th 2018,

Somewhere Martin Crane is sitting in his lazy boy recliner reading a news and the front page reads NHL Expansion comes to Seattle. He would quietly fold his paper look at Eddie and say, “well boy do you like hockey?”

Let Thoughts From The Bench be the first to say that Seattle will be a great hockey city. First they have a solid ownership group behind the team. Second they are renovating a building that has history instead of building a new one. Third this city is a die-hard sports town.

The Seattle Supersonics are still considered a beloved franchise despite the fact they haven’t been in Seattle since 2008. The Sounders arguably have the most passionate fanbase in all of the MLS. Plus lets not forget the original 11th man are the crazy fans of the Seahawks who have literally peeked the richter scale by the amount of noise that can be produced.

Seattle also is a town that has hockey history. The former Metropolitans once were residents of the pacific northwest. Also fun fact the Metropolitans were the first American based franchise to win Lord Stanley’s Cup in 1914.

All and all this was a long time coming, when the NHL decided to expand, Seattle was immediately at the top of the list to get a franchise. It’s a great sports city, plus because expansion team no city has to lose their NHL franchise.

We assume the team colors will match that of their sports counterparts going with some combinations of blue, green, and gray. As for the name? Well here at Thoughts From The Bench we are personally pulling for a character from the most famous TV show set in Seattle.

So ladies and gentlemen we present The Seattle Eddies!


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