menalmarThe world’s best players are, in any order you would like, Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar. In almost every ranking on the planet, Neymar ranks third, but he is still in a level above most. Messi versus Ronaldo is the one soccer / football conversation that will never stop, so instead of doing that all over again, we here at TFTB decided to….excuse them from the list of people from this planet. Neymar also. Enjoy!

Honorable Mention (they’re still really, really good).  These players were selected on a bases of stats and who the average soccer fan would complain isn’t on the original list.


Aguero Aguero



Griezmann Griezmann

Thiago Thiago

Bale Borussia Dortmund v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League

Higuain Higuain


10. Thomas Muller Muller

Muller is a German midfielder who vice-captains both Bayern Munich as well as the German National team. At the age of 28, Muller has cemented himself as one of the safest names in football and can play almost any position on the attacking end of the field. Despite the lack of outstanding numbers or highlight clips, Muller is the engine of two of the worlds best football entities in club and country, and will be looked at to bring a World Cup back to Germany this summer.

9. Toni Kroos Kroos

Following Muller is another 28 year old German national in Toni Kroos. Kroos left Bayern Munich to join Real Madrid in 2014. Kroos is instrumental in the midfield for both club and country and his known worldwide for his passing, technique and vision with the ball. As stated by a former teammate of mine Paul Carr, “Kroos got the best diags on the planet.” For anyone who doesn’t know what exactly a “Diag” is, it’s a ball from on side of the field to the other at a diagonal angle, most often used to spring attackers in over top of defends. So yeah, he kicks the balls well.

8. David De Gea De Gea

David De Gea (Duh Hey Ya) is, as of this moment in time, the greatest goalkeeper on the planet. De Gea is 27 and plays for Manchester United and the Spanish national team. The Spaniard has single handedly kept Man U in the top of the premier league this season and it’s tough to imagine that he was fighting for his spot with the likes of Andres Lindegaard. Although many will argue that the worlds best competition won’t be back on until Manuel Neuer comes back from injury, I think it’s safe to say as a Man U fan I’ll stick with De Gea.


7. Paulo Dybala Dybala

Paulo Dybala is most likely the name you have never heard of on this list largely due to the lack of coverage for the Italian League currently. Dybala is a 24 year old forward for the Italian Club Juventus and the Argentina National team. Dybala has been the hot talk in possible transfer moves for a while now, but his creative style and pure talent will make him a star wherever he would be. Dybala has tallied 21 goals in 33 games for Juventus this season so far and continues to prove his worth.

6. Luis SuarezSuarez

Many people thought that when Luis Suarez saved a goal in the  semi-final in the 2010 World Cup with his hands that would be the last we saw of the buck toothed man from Uruguay. Surprisingly, Suarez chewed through the competition and turned a stellar year at Liverpool into what has been a tremendous all around career. Currently at Barcelona, Suarez has an extreme talent for finding the back of the net.…just don’t go near those chompers.

5.  Robert Lewandowski Lewandowski

The Polish Striker Robert Lewandowski does many things well on the field, but more than most he finds the back of the net at an alarming rate. Lewandowski has been lighting up German football since joining Dortmund in 2010 and continues to prove himself one of the worlds best with each match. Robert has been voted “Poland’s Footballer of the Year” seven times in a row (without much competition, to be fair) and is coming off a 6-0 trumping of rivals Dortmund, with the striker recording a hat trick. Real Madrid has named him their top target for the transfer window, so his future with the German Powerhouse is in question.

4. Luka Modric Modric.jpg

When Luka Modric made the move from Tottenham to Real Madrid, there was question as to how well his game would transition from a top tier premier league side to the top club in the world, and five years later we have our answer. Modric is regarded as one of the best midfielders on the planet for Club and Country (Croatia), and was named in the Champion League team of the season as well as receiving the UEFA Club Football award for the Best Midfielder of the Champions League Season. At 32 years old, we are probably watching the most Modric will have left in his career, and even at this age he still astounds viewers.

3. Kevin De Bruyne De Bruyne

You have to assume that Chelsea smacks themselves to sleep every night over the signing and releasing of Kevin De Bruyne back in 2014, as De Bruyne joined Manchester City in the 2015-2016 season and hasn’t looked back yet. The Belgian national has been the best midfielder in the Premiere league this season, and it’s not terribly close. De Bruyne’s stats are outstanding, averaging 56 passes a match with 52 “big chances” created in 95 appearances. He has played 247 “accurate long balls”, and has a crossing accuracy of 27% in 665 crosses. I normally don’t try to turn to stats that often for footballers, but De Bruyne is having a season that fits well with the dominance Man City has created.

2. Mo Salah Salah

31 goals in 44 appearances has been quite the welcoming party for Mohamed Salah, who has had an interesting path to stardom.  Salah, similar to De Bruyne, had a short stint at Chelsea that didn’t really pan out for either side. Recently dubbed the “Egyptian Messi”, Mo Salah is arguably the player playing the best football at this moment. Salah currently leads all BPL players with 29 goals in the season, and it looks like at this current pace he should finish on top.

  1. Harry Kane Kane

Harry Kane is possible one of the best pure goal scorers I have ever seen grace my television. At only 24 years old, Kane has done nothing but perform for the Tottenham Hotspurs, the only top tier club Kane has ever signed with. Kane currently sits second in scoring for the BPL with 24 goals and looked to run away with the award before the recent heroics or one Mo Salah. Kane led the BPL in scoring last season with a total of 29 goals, and finished first again with 25 goals in the 2015-2016 season. Unreal. Kane has been the speculative target for some of the worlds largest clubs, so don’t be surprised if the three lions find themselves with their most promising talent playing over seas.