NFL Action – Is There Ever an Offseason?

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Detroit LionsLook alive world, the NFL takes no days off. We have some interesting news and rumors heading into the NFL draft combine and I feel that we need to write about it. Who else will tell you about that one running back  you didn’t know was still in the league retired? Let’s get into it.

Chicago Bears release Quarterback Mike Glennon – The Mike Glennon experiment in Chicago comes to a quick and not so shocking finish, which most people saw coming the second the Bears traded a ton of stock to move up one spot this past year to secure Mitch(ell) Trubisky. Glennon is a solid quarterback who deserves a legit shot in the NFL. Chicago is a weird franchise at the moment with a solid run game and a young, but decent defense. If an NFL team needs a bridge quarterback, packaging a young talent from this draft with a start-now Mike Glennon might be their best option.

Pittsburgh Steelers say out loud that Linebacker Ryan Shazier will miss entire ’18-19 season – Although this is pretty self explanatory, it’s worth nothing that Shazier won’t be back this season. I’m sure much of the world knew this was going to be the decision since Ryan is still going through rehab after an almost life paralyzing injury last season. The Steelers now have to turn their attention in the upcoming NFL Draft to try and secure a middle linebacker that can be a fraction of the player Shazier has become. A daunting and impossible task is ahead of the Steelers, but if there’s a franchise that can do it, it’s the black and gold.

Carolina Panthers release Running Back Jonathan Stewart – J-Stew has been released by the panthers after being the lead back there for 10 seasons. Stewart has had a solid career in Carolina and there is still the possibility that another team picks up the veteran, but with Christian McCaffrey and Cameron Artis-Payne in the backfield, this move makes sense for the Panthers. This also makes McCaffrey the full time back in Carolina, sky rocketing his value in real life, and in fantasy next season.

New York Jets released Defensive End Muhammad Wilkerson – Although a talented athlete, this marriage was coming to a drastic end after last season. It also adds to the list of reasons to cut him that is the Jets were to keep Wilkerson on the roster, they could owe him $16.75 million for 2018 which would all be guaranteed. Since entering the league in 2011, Wilkerson has recorded 44 sacks and 243 tackles. To put that into retrospect, Von miller has been in the league the same amount of time and has recorded 83.5 sacks and 395 tacklers. The difference between those numbers is nowhere near the asking price of 16+ million dollars, so the Jets, in my opinion, finally are doing something productive.

Detroit Lions Franchise tag Defensive End Ziggy Ansah – Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah is an extremely talented and powerful defensive player that the Lions should be happy to have back. In five seasons, Ziggy has collected 44 sacks and 207 tackles, almost identical numbers to Muhammad Wilkerson in two less seasons. The Lions are close to being a playoff contending team, and keeping Ansah on their side is a great start.

Running Back Matt Forte Retires – Matt Forte was one of the greatest running backs of this recent generation and sadly his name isn’t as revered as it once was. Forte has the most seasons since he entered the league with 14,468. The second closest is Lesean McCoy with 13,470. Forte is also one of six running backs in NFL history with 9000+ rushing yards and 4500+ receiving yards. The others on that list? Marcus Allen, Tiki Barber, Marshall Faulk, Walker Payton and LaDanian Tomlinson. What a list to be a part of. The Jets have a decent RB core to head into 2018, so the retirement means more to Forte just being ready to be done rather than a team issue. Although ending in green and white, Forte will always be a Bear to me.

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