NFL Playoff Picture 12/27

Only one week remains in the NFL regular season, and that means we the fans get to sit down and pretend to care that the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins are playing each other. The last week of the season has some teams preparing for the playoffs, while others scramble to attempt to keep their head coaches jobs but getting bounced in the first round. Don’t get me wrong, some teams that have hung on long enough to make the finals have gone on to make history. The Steeler’s have run the gambit of Wildcard Insanity to come on top as Super Bowl champions. Here’s some games you can watch this weekend that won’t make you want to rage quit your Sling TV package as I did after the Steelers / Patriots game.

The game that has the most watch potential has to be the Carolina Panthers vrs. The Atlanta Falcons. The NFC South has been insane this year and has finally reached the potential we all knew they had….except for the Tampa Bay Bucs. As of right now, the Panthers, Saints and Falcons are all in the playoffs. All three of those teams have been peaking at the correct time, making this divisional matchup the most important of the weekend. The Panthers have found some swagger behind the resurgence of former MVP Cam Newton. The Dabbing Cam is virtually back with the help of the Great White Buffalo Christian McCaffery. Although Matt Ryan hasn’t been his MVP self, look for him to pick it up in the playoffs. Realistically, I could throw for 350+ and two touchdowns with the offensive weapons he has around him.

Another crucial matchups this week that should show some fun if the New England Patriots vrs the New York Jets. Although Tom Brady basically owns the Jets at this point watch for this young band of misfits to potential give the Pats a tough game. I might have had the balls to pick the Jets in this trap game if Josh McCown didn’t go and be 40 and hurt himself, but Bryce Petty has been better than expected. Although the Patriots are literally the most hated American entity since Benedict Arnold, they’re going to win this game. They just are. It’s bullshit, but they are going to prance into the playoffs.

Some other matchups that aren’t terrible : Jacksonville at Tennessee, the Raiders at the Chargers, and the 49ers at the Rams.

Check out the Deke Pick Em’s to see the winners, cause just like Jimmy G, we never lose.

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