Eff James Harrison (and eff us for caring)

A Yinzspolsion occurred last week as former Steeler’s try hard James Harrison was cut from the team and instantly ran to the New England Patiorts. Don’t get me wrong, James Harrison is one of the hardest working humans God graced the planet with. He has been bounced in and out of various practice squads until finding his home in Pittsburgh….then retiring, going to our in divisional rival for a year, and coming back to his “home”. His Super Bowl 99 yard touchdown was one of the more iconic Steelers moments in recent memory, and Harrison has been a viral sensation for a team that normally doesn’t project too much on social platforms.
All that being said, the phrase “if you ain’t with us, you against us” doesn’t even do this situation justice. Let’s look at this season from the start. Harrison was resigned to the Steelers after the team and Harrison spent some time evaluating his future. Harrison is a locker room presence from the outside, meaning that I’m assuming from his demeanor and outside information that he is a respected part of the players clique. Harrison was only used in three games this year, and recorded one sack against the Kansas City Chiefs on October 15th. After weeks of speculation, Harrison was released by the Steelers after publicly making comments about his disapproval with his playing time. He mentioned he wouldn’t have signed with the team if he knew what this season would have been. Reasonable, don’t get me wrong. If I’m just a larger human than other people around me and I some back for a year, I’m expecting at least a down a game. All that being said, if any Yinzer believes that T.J. Watt didn’t deserve to start over Harrison you’re looking at the world through Black and Gold colored glasses.

This isn’t as big as people are making this seem. So many fans fall into the category of “I LOVE MY TEAM AND MY CITY AND MY PLAYERS LOVE THAT I LOVE THEM.” Bitch, this is a business. Don’t believe me? James Harrison literally played for the Bengals a few years ago, our in division rival, but we forget all of that cause he came back.

Everyone needs to calm down. James Harrison is listed on the Patriots Depth chart as the third linebacker, playing behind Elandon Roberts and David Harris. Since no one knows who they are, here’s some history. Roberts is a 23 year old sophomore out of Houston, meaning that the Patriots are going to turn him into the next best linebacker in sports then dump him off to the dolphins when he wants more money. Roberts is a talented, young linebacker who has been playing well this season. Harris is a 33 year old veteran out of Michigan, meaning that he literally is James Harrison.

James Harrison does however take over plays and plans to New England meaning that the Patriots potentially know that we were planning on playing Joe Haden against Gronk so that Gronk will only go for 150+ and three touchdowns this time. Also, although modern history speaks against this sentence, there’s no proof we actually will play New England again this year. Of course we will, but we’re speaking like were scared already.

All of that being said, who cares. No, James Harrison will not have his number retired. He won’t be in the Hall of Fame. He has, as of late, been nothing more than a fan favorite player who we keep around to remind us that we have Super Bowl trophies. Will I miss Harrison? Hell yeah. Do I care that he left? Hell no.

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