A Great Depression (Happy Pride Month)

Two of my dearest friends, Ryan and Kaeli stop by the studio for a great chat about Pro Wrestling, music, and being out and proud.

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A Great Depression (V-Train)

Wholly Fucking shit the V-Train has rolled into the Union Fitness Studios carrying White Claw and some of the best stories ever told on the pod. We talk music, sports, growing up in New York, and Val tells an epic story about a bee at the Jersey Shore. These ones an all-timer!

A Great Depression (Cowabunga)

This week the one and only Brain Howe. Honestly one of the most unique humans on the planet. We discuss why we like things that people hate, we talk about the Ninja Turtles, an odd forgotten puppet brand, and his most underrated Emo Band of all time. For everything Brian Howe check out his website bellow.

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