Benny Buckets

A comedian, a military man and a weirdly good musician walk into a bar and the hostess says, “Table for one?” How is this possible you might ask…it’s because all of those guys was Benny Buckets. Benny may not be on the constant content team but when he produces, boy does he produce…even if that means losing to Elsass in the Cornhole Showdown. 

Latest Content

  • Don’t Bet on Degenerate Dennis
    Denny is a great guy. He’s funny, he can kick the hell out of a football, but does he really KNOW football? Naaaaahhhh. Dennis is known for being a gambler. A guy who takes chances. Way too many risky ones. Rumor has it he’s going to sit Russell Wilson and Cam Newton to start Carson […]
  • Mac McClung Declared for the NBA Draft At the Perfect Time; Here’s Why
    Beyond the Arc by Ben Fiore Mac McClung has been a highly sought after talent since he went viral for being a young white kid who could do amazing dunks in high school. Here’s some proof. He recently declared for the NBA draft. Which is the absolute perfect time and here’s why. He’s averaged 14.4 […]
  • Quarantine Movie Review: Velocipastor
    Throughout this pandemic, activities are limited. So myself and friend of the program Nathan Durant have decided to watch and review blatantly bad or out of the ordinary movies. Today’s topic is the B rate (arguably C rate) thriller, Velocipastor. Here’s some facts. The movie was released in 2018. It had a minuscule budget of […]

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