Literally Stop and Appreciate What Mike Trout is Doing

(Not So) Breaking News: Mike Trout did amazing things last night. Just your run-in-the-mill 2 HR and a career-high 7-RBI game. Watch his two absolute bombs from last night:

Every baseball fan will tell you: Appreciate what this guy is doing. So hear me as I say…APPRECIATE WHAT THIS GUY IS DOING. Trout is more than a generational talent. He is doing things that we haven’t seen in 80 years, if not ever.

See below a series of stats that just scratch the surface of his utter ridiculousness:

  • In 69 career at-bats with the bases loaded, Trout is hitting .420 with six home runs, 101 RBIs and an ABSURD OPS of 1.263. It’s about time that pitchers start to give him the Barry Bonds treatment with the bases juiced.
  • In 2014, he had his worst statistical season by far, excluding his injury-shortened 2017. He had his worst AVG, OBP, OPS, strikeout percentage, defensive metrics and WAR. What happened that year? Oh nothing – HE WON THE MVP WITH ALL 30 FIRST PLACE VOTES.
  • The following are the WAR for MLB Legends through their first nine professional seasons (FanGraphs).
    • Ty Cobb: 63.4
    • Willie Mays: 64.9
    • Barry Bonds (Pre-Steroids, but still with 1 ROY and 3 MVPs): 64.9
    • Mickey Mantle: 67.8
    • Mike Trout: 70.0 — And he is not even halfway through his ninth season. (Additionally, Trout is the all-time leader in WAR by a player through their age-27 season.)
  • In his first four All-Star games (2012-15), he hit for the natural cycle in each of his first at-bats of the game. Meaning that in 2012, he hit a single in his first at-bat of the game. A double in 2013. A triple in 2014. And a home run in 2015. This is more of an absurd fun fact than an example of his greatness. Unless you are a believer (like me) that he definitely did it in that order on purpose.
  • Just search “Mike Trout” into Twitter and you’ll stumble upon some completely absurd factoids like these:

It is a shame that Trout does not have interest in the league marketing him to the fullest extent. With more time in front of the camera and further endorsements, his brand as a superstar would explode for a league that desperately needs someone like him.

Selfishly, I am also disappointed that all signs point to him staying on the west coast for his whole career. He recently signed a 12 year, $430 million contact extension to stay with the Angels that’s the largest contract in pro sports history. Imagine the exposure his feats would be getting with that good ole east coast bias.

Mike Trout at-bats are must-watch television and he is currently on pace for his best statistical season ever. And given what he already has done…that is amazing.

So as they say, “Put some respeck on his name” and enjoy basking in his greatness this season and beyond.

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