Ranking and Grading Each NFL Team’s 2023 Draft Class

The 2023 NFL Draft has officially come to an end. That ever-lasting feel of fun, adventure, and excitement is now over. The season is now just a few months away, and I am already counting the days. Sure, it will be weird not doing mock drafts anymore, but I guess I’ll just have to wait until Caleb Williams decides to be the #1 pick new year or not. Overall, there is much to look forward to in next year’s draft but…

We are focused on this year’s people. Everybody is talking about how better their team’s draft class was than the next person’s. The only opinion that matters now is mine because I have compiled a ranking and grading system for each team’s draft class. It takes into account the needs of certain positions, the best player available, how the team did monitoring their draft assets and current and future picks, and so on and so forth. Did your team receive a good grade, or did your team fail? Let’s find out!

32.) San Francisco 49ers

Grade; D-

Ji’Ayir Brown (S/Penn State)Round 3/Pick 87
Jake Moody (K/Michigan)Round 3/Pick 99
Cameron Latu (TE/Alabama)Round 3/Pick 101
Darrell Luter Jr. (CB/South Alabama)Round 5/Pick 155
Robert Beal Jr. (DT/Georgia)Round 5/Pick 173
Dee Winters (LB/TCU)Round 6/Pick 216
Brayden Willis (TE/Oklahoma)Round 7/Pick 247
Ronnie Bell (WR/Michigan)Round 7/Pick 253
Jalen Graham (LB/Purdue)Round 7/Pick 255

31.) Miami Dolphins


TAMPA, FLORIDA – AUGUST 13: Head coach Mike McDaniel of the Miami Dolphins looks on during a preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium on August 13, 2022 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Cam Smith (CB/South Carolina)Round 2/Pick 51
Devon Achane (RB/Texas A&M)Round 3/Pick 84
Elijah Higgins (TE/Standford)Round 6/Pick 197
Ryan Hayes (OT/Michigan)Round 7/Pick 238

30.) Dallas Cowboys


Mazi Smith (DT/Michigan)Round 1/Pick 26
Luke Schoonmaker (TE/Michigan)Round 2/Pick 58
DeMarvion Overshown (LB/Texas)Round 3/Pick 90
Viliami Fehoko Jr. (EDGE/San Jose State)Round 4/Pick 129
Asim Richards (OT/North Carolina)Round 5/Pick 169
Eric Scott Jr. (CB/Southern Miss)Round 6/Pick 178
Deuce Vaughn (RB/Kansas State)Round 6/Pick 212
Jalen Brooks (WR/South Carolina)Round 7/Pick 244

29.) Jacksonville Jaguars

Grade; D

DETROIT, MICHIGAN – DECEMBER 04: Head coach Doug Pederson of the Jacksonville Jaguars looks on before the game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on December 04, 2022 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)
Anton Harrison (OT/Oklahoma)Round 1/Pick 27
Brenton Strange (TE/Penn State)Round 2/Pick 61
Tank Bigsby (RB/Auburn)Round 3/Pick 88
Ventrell Miller (LB/Florida)Round 4/Pick 121
Tyler Lacey (EDGE/Oklahoma State)Round 4/Pick 130
Yasir Abdullah (EDGE/Louisville)Round 5/Pick 136
Antonio Johnson (CB/Texas A&M)Round 5/Pick 160
Parker Washington (WR/Penn State)Round 6/Pick 185
Christian Braswell (CB/Rutgers)Round 6/Pick 202
Erick Hallett (S/Pitt)Round 6/Pick 208
Cooper Hodges (OT/Appalachian State)Round 7/Pick 226
Raymond Vohasek (DT/North Carolina)Round 7/Pick 227
Derek Parish (EDGE/Houston)Round 7/Pick 240

28.) Los Angeles Chargers

Grade; D

Quentin Johnston (WR/TCU)Round 1/Pick 21
Tuli Tuipulotu (EDGE/USC)Round 2/Pick 54
Daiyan Henley (LB/Washington State)Round 3/Pick 85
Derius Davis (WR/TCU)Round 4/Pick 125
Jordan McFadden (IOL/Clemson)Round 5/Pick 156
Scott Matlock (DT/Boise State)Round 6/Pick 200
Max Duggan (QB/TCU)Round 7/Pick 239

27.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Grade; D+

Calijah Kancey (DT/Pitt)Round 1/Pick 19
Cody Mauch (IOL/North Dakota State)Round 2/Pick 48
YaYa Diaby (EDGE/Louisville)Round 3/Pick 82
SirVocea Dennis (LB/Pitt)Round 5/Pick 153
Payne Durham (TE/Purdue)Round 5/Pick 171
Josh Hayes (S/Kansas State)Round 6/Pick 181
Trey Palmer (WR/Nebraska)Round 6/Pick 191
Josh Ramirez (EDGE/Eastern Michigan)Round 6/Pick 196

26.) Washington Commanders

Grade; D+

Emmanuel Forbes (CB/Mississippi State)Round 1/Pick 16
Jartavius Martin (S/Illinois)Round 2/Pick 47
Ricky Stromberg (IOL/Arkansas)Round 3/Pick 97
Braden Daniels (OT/Utah)Round 4/Pick 118
K.J. Henry (EDGE/Clemson)Round 5/Pick 137
Chris Rodriguez Jr. (RB/Kentucky)Round 6/Pick 193
Andre Jones (LB/Louisiana)Round 7/Pick 233

25.) Buffalo Bills

Grade; D+

Dalton Kincaid (TE/Utah)Round 1/Pick 25
O’Cyrus Torrence (IOL/Florida)Round 2/Pick 59
Dorian Williams (LB/Tulane)Round 3/Pick 91
Justin Shorter (WR/Florida)Round 5/Pick 150
Nick Broeker (IOL/Ole Miss)Round 7/Pick 230
Alex Austin (CB/Oregon State)Round 7/Pick 252

24.) Atlanta Falcons

Grade; C-

Bijan Robinson (RB/Texas)Round 1/Pick 8
Matthew Bergeron (OT/Syracuse)Round 2/Pick 38
Zach Harrison (EDGE/Ohio State)Round 3/Pick 75
Clark Phillips III (CB/Utah)Round 4/Pick 113
DeMarcco Hellams (S/Alabama)Round 7/Pick 224
Jovaughn Gwyn (IOL/South Carolina)Round 7/Pick 225

23.) Las Vegas Raiders

Grade; C-

Tyree Wilson (EDGE/Texas Tech)Round 1/Pick 7
Michael Mayer (TE/Notre Dame)Round 2/Pick 35
Byron Young (DT/Alabama)Round 3/Pick 70
Tre Tucker (WR/Cincinnati)Round 3/Pick 100
Jakorian Bennett (CB/Maryland)Round 4/Pick 104
Aidan O’Connell (QB/Purdue)Round 4/Pick 135
Christopher Smith II (S/Georgia)Round 5/Pick 170
Amari Burney (LB/Florida)Round 6/Pick 203
Nesta Jade Silvera (DT/Arizona State)Round 7/Pick 231

22.) Detroit Lions

Grade; C-

Jahmyr Gibbs (RB/Alabama)Round 1/Pick 12
Jack Campbell (LB/Iowa)Round 1/Pick 18
Sam LaPorta (TE/Iowa)Round 2/Pick 34
Brian Branch (S/Alabama)Round 2/Pick 45
Hendon Hooker (QB/Tennessee)Round 3/Pick 68
Brodric Martin (DT/Western Kentucky)Round 3/Pick 96
Colby Sorsdal (OT/William & Mary)Round 5/Pick 152
Antoine Green (WR/North Carolina)Round 7/Pick 219

21.) Kansas City Chiefs

Grade; C

Felix Anudike-Uzomah (EDGE/Kansas State)Round 1/Pick 31
Rashee Rice (WR/SMU)Round 2/Pick 55
Wayna Morris (OT/Oklahoma)Round 3/Pick 92
Chamarri Conner (CB/Virgina Tech)Round 4/Pick 119
BJ Thompson (EDGE/Stephen F. Austin State)Round 5/Pick 166
Keondre Coburn (DT/Texas)Round 6/Pick 194
Nic Jones (CB/Ball State)Round 7/Pick 250

20.) Baltimore Ravens

Grade; C

Zay Flowers (WR/Boston College)Round 1/Pick 22
Trenton Simpson (LB/Clemson)Round 3/Pick 86
Tavius Robinson (EDGE/Mississippi)Round 4/Pick 124
Kyu Blu Kelly (CB/Stanford)Round 5/Pick 157
Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu (OT/Oregon)Round 6/Pick 199
Andrew Vorhees (IOL/USC)Round 7/Pick 229

19.) Minnesota Vikings

Grade; C+

Jordan Addison (WR/USC)Round 1/Pick 23
Mekhi Blackmon (CB/USC)Round 3/Pick 102
Jay Ward (CB/LSU)Round 4/Pick 134
Jaquelin Roy (DT/LSU)Round 5/Pick 141
Jaren Hall (QB/BYU)Round 5/Pick 164
DeWayne McBride (RB/UAB)Round 7/Pick 222

18.) Green Bay Packers

Grade; C+

Lukas Van Ness (EDGE/Iowa)Round 1/Pick 13
Luke Musgrave (TE/Oregon State)Round 2/Pick 42
Jayden Reed (WR/Michigan State)Round 2/Pick 50
Tucker Kraft (TE/South Dakota State)Round 3/Pick 78
Colby Wooden (LB/Auburn)Round 4/Pick 116
Sean Clifford (QB/Penn State)Round 5/Pick 149
Dontayvion Wicks (WR/Virginia)Round 5/Pick 159
Karl Brooks (LB/Bowling Green)Round 6/Pick 179
Anders Carlson (K/Auburn)Round 6/Pick 207
Carrington Valentine (CB/Kentucky)Round 7/Pick 232
Lew Nichols III (RB/Central Michigan)Round 7/Pick 235
Anthony Johnson Jr. (S/Iowa State)Round 7/Pick 242
Grant DuBose (WR/Charlotte)Round 7/Pick 256

17.) Denver Broncos

Grade; C+

Marvin Mims Jr. (WR/Oklahoma)Round 2/Pick 63
Drew Sanders (LB/Arkansas)Round 3/Pick 67
Riley Moss (CB/Iowa)Round 3/Pick 83
JL Skinner (S/Boise State)Round 6/Pick 183
Alex Forsyth (IOL/Oregon)Round 7/Pick 257

16.) Los Angeles Rams

Grade; B-

Steve Avila (IOL/TCU)Round 2/Pick 36
Byron Young (EDGE/Tennessee)Round 3/Pick 77
Kobie Turner (DT/Wake Forest)Round 3/Pick 89
Stetson Bennett (QB/Georgia)Round 4/Pick 128
Nick Hampton (EDGE/Appalachian State)Round 5/Pick 161
Warren McClendon Jr. (OT/Georgia)Round 5/Pick 174
Davis Allen (TE/Clemson)Round 5/Pick 175
Puka Nacua (WR/BYU)Round 5/Pick 177
Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson (CB/TCU)Round 6/Pick 182
Ochaun Mathis (EDGE/Nebraska)Round 6/Pick 189
Zach Evans (RB/Mississippi)Round 6/Pick 215
Ethan Evans (P/Wingate)Round 7/Pick 223
Jason Taylor II (S/Oklahoma State)Round 7/Pick 234
Desjuan Johnson (DT/Toledo)Round 7/Pick 259

15.) New Orleans Saints

Grade; B-

Bryan Bresee (DT/Clemson)Round 1/Pick 29
Isaiah Foskey (EDGE/Notre Dame)Round 2/Pick 40
Kendre Miller (RB/TCU)Round 3/Pick 71
Nick Saldiveri (IOL/Old Dominion)Round 4/Pick 103
Jake Haener (QB/Fresno State)Round 4/Pick 127
Jordan Howden (S/Minnesota)Round 5/Pick 146
A.T. Perry (WR/Wake Forest)Round 6/Pick 195

14.) Chicago Bears

Grade; B-

Darnell Wright (OT/Tennessee)Round 1/Pick 10
Gervon Dexter Sr. (DT/Florida)Round 2/Pick 53
Tyrique Stevenson (CB/Miami)Round 2/Pick 56
Zacch Pickens (DT/South Carolina)Round 3/Pick 64
Roschon Johnson (RB/Texas)Round 4/Pick 115
Tyler Scott (WR/Cincinnati)Round 4/Pick 133
Noah Sewell (LB/Oregon)Round 5/Pick 148
Terell Smith (CB/Minnesota)Round 5/Pick 165
Travis Bell (DT/Kennesaw State)Round 7/Pick 218
Kendall Williamson (S/Stanford)Round 7/Pick 258

13.) New York Jets

Grade; B

Will McDonald IV (EDGE/Iowa State)Round 1/Pick 15
Joe Tippmann (IOL/Wisconsin)Round 2/Pick 43
Carter Warren (OT/Pitt)Round 4/Pick 120
Israel Abanikanda (RB/Pitt)Round 5/Pick 143
Zaire Barnes (LB/Western Michigan)Round 6/Pick 184
Jarrick Bernard-Converse (CB/LSU)Round 6/Pick 204
Zack Kuntz (TE/Old Dominion)Round 7/Pick 220

12.) Cincinnati Bengals

Grade; B

Myles Murphy (EDGE/Clemson)Round 1/Pick 28
DJ Turner (CB/Michigan)Round 2/Pick 60
Jordan Battle (S/Alabama)Round 3/Pick 95
Charlie Jones (WR/Purdue)Round 4/Pick 131
Chase Brown (RB/Illinois)Round 5/Pick 163
Andrei Iosivas (WR/Princeton)Round 6/Pick 206
Brad Robbins (P/Michigan)Round 6/Pick 217
D.J. Ivey (S/Miami)Round 7/Pick 246

11.) Carolina Panthers

Grade; B+

Bryce Young (QB/Alabama)Round 1/Pick 1
Jonathan Mingo (WR/Mississippi)Round 2/Pick 39
DJ Johnson (EDGE/Oregon)Round 3/Pick 80
Chandler (IOL/N.C. State)Round 4/Pick 114
Jammie Robinson (S/Florida State)Round 5/Pick 145

10.) Cleveland Browns

Grade; B+

Cedric Tillman (WR/Tennessee)Round 3/Pick 74
Siaki Ika (DT/Baylor)Round 3/Pick 98
Dawand Jones (OT/Ohio State)Round 4/Pick 111
Isaiah McGuire (EDGE/Missouri)Round 4/Pick 126
Dorian Thompson-Robinson (QB/UCLA)Round 5/Pick 140
Cameron Mitchell (CB/Northwestern)Round 5/Pick 142
Luke Wypler (IOL/Ohio State)Round 6/Pick 190

9.) Arizona Cardinals

Grade; B+

Paris Johnson Jr. (OT/Ohio State)Round 1/Pick 6
BJ Ojulari (EDGE/LSU)Round 2/Pick 41
Garrett Williams (CB/Syracuse)Round 3/Pick 72
Michael Wilson (WR/Stanford)Round 3/Pick 94
Jon Gaines II (IOL/UCLA)Round 4/Pick 122
Clayton Tune (QB/Houston)Round 5/Pick 139
Owen Pappoe (LB/Auburn)Round 5/Pick 168
Kei’Trel Clark (CB/Louisville)Round 6/Pick 180
Dante Stills (DT/West Virginia)Round 6/Pick 213

8.) New England Patriots

Grade; A-

Christian Gonzalez (CB/Oregon)Round 1/Pick 17
Keion White (EDGE/Georgia Tech)Round 2/Pick 46
Marte Mapu (LB/Sacramento State)Round 3/Pick 76
Jake Andrews (IOL/Troy)Round 4/Pick 107
Chad Ryland (K/Maryland)Round 4/Pick 112
Sidy Sow (IOL/Eastern Michigan)Round 4/Pick 117
Atonio Mafi (IOL/UCLA)Round 5/Pick 144
Kayshon Boutte (WR/LSU)Round 6/Pick 187
Bryce Baringer (P/Michigan State)Round 6/Pick 192
Demario Douglas (WR/Liberty)Round 6/Pick 210
Ameer Speed (CB/Michigan State)Round 6/Pick 214
Isaiah Bolden (CB/Jackson State)Round 7/Pick 245

7.) Tennessee Titans

Grade; A-

Peter Skoronski (OT/Northwestern)Round 1/Pick 11
Will Levis (QB/Kentucky)Round 2/Pick 33
Tyjae Spears (RB/Tulane)Round 3/Pick 81
Josh Whyle (TE/Cincinnati)Round 5/Pick 147
Jaelyn Duncan (OT/Maryland)Round 6/Pick 186
Colton Dowell (WR/Tennessee-Martin)Round 7/Pick 228

6.) New York Giants

Grade; A-

Deonte Banks (CB/Maryland)Round 1/Pick 24
John Michael Schmitz (IOL/Minnesota)Round 2/Pick 57
Jalin Hyatt (WR/Tennessee)Round 3/Pick 73
Eric Gray (RB/Oklahoma)Round 5/Pick 172
Tre Hawkins III (S/Old Dominion)Round 6/Pick 202
Jordan Riley (DT/Oregon)Round 7/Pick 243
Gervarrius Owens (S/Houston)Round 7/Pick 254

5.) Houston Texans

Grade; A

C.J. Stroud (QB/Ohio State)Round 1/Pick 2
Will Anderson Jr. (EDGE/Alabama)Round 1/Pick 3
Juice Scruggs (IOL/Penn State)Round 2/Pick 62
Nathan “Tank” Dell (WR/Houston)Round 3/Pick 69
Dylan Horton (EDGE/TCU)Round 4/Pick 109
Henry To’oTo’o (LB/Alabama)Round 5/Pick 167
Jarrett Patterson (IOL/Notre Dame)Round 6/Pick 201
Xavier Hutchinson (WR/Iowa State)Round 6/Pick 205
Brandon Hill (S/Pitt)Round 7/Pick 248

4.) Seattle Seahawks

Grade; A

Devon Witherspoon (CB/Illinois)Round 1/Pick 5
Jaxon Smith-Njigba (WR/Ohio State)Round 1/Pick 20
Derick Hall (EDGE/Auburn)Round 2/Pick 37
Zach Charbonnet (RB/UCLA)Round 2/Pick 52
Anthony Bradford (IOL/LSU)Round 4/Pick 108
Cameron Young (DT/Mississippi State)Round 4/Pick 123
Mike Morris (DT/Michigan)Round 5/Pick 151
Olu Oluwatimi (IOL/Michigan)Round 5/Pick 154
Jerrick Reed II (S/New Mexico)Round 6/Pick 198
Kenny McIntosh (RB/Georgia)Round 7/Pick 237

3.) Indianapolis Colts

Grade; A+

Anthony Richardson (QB/Florida)Round 1/Pick 4
Julius Brents (CB/Kansas State)Round 2/Pick 44
Josh Downs (WR/North Carolina)Round 3/Pick 79
Blake Freeland (OT/BYU)Round 4/Pick 106
Adetomiwa Adebawore (DT/Northwestern)Round 4/Pick 110
Darius Rush (CB/South Carolina)Round 5/Pick 138
Daniel Scott (S/Cal)Round 5/Pick 158
Will Mallory (TE/Miami)Round 5/Pick 162
Evan Hull (RB/Northwestern)Round 5/Pick 176
Titus Leo (EDGE/Wagner)Round 6/Pick 211
Jaylon Jones (CB/Texas A&M)Round 7/Pick 221
Jake Witt (OT/Northern Michigan)Round 7/Pick 236

2.) Philadelphia Eagles

Grade; A+

Jalen Carter (DT/Georgia)Round 1/Pick 9
Nolan Smith (EDGE/Georgia)Round 1/Pick 30
Tyler Steen (IOL/Alabama)Round 3/Pick 65
Sydney Brown (S/Illinois)Round 3/Pick 66
Kelee Ringo (CB/Georgia)Round 4/Pick 105
Tanner McKee (QB/Stanford)Round 6/Pick 188
Moro Ojomo (DT/Texas)Round 7/Pick 249

1.) Pittsburgh Steelers

Grade; A+

Broderick Jones (OT/Georgia)Round 1/Pick 14
Joey Porter Jr. (CB/Penn State)Round 2/Pick 32
Keeanu Benton (DT/Wisconsin)Round 2/Pick 49
Darnell Washington (TE/Georgia)Round 3/Pick 93
Nick Herbig (LB/Wisconsin)Round 4/Pick 132
Cory Trice Jr. (CB/Purdue)Round 7/Pick 241
Spencer Anderson (IOL/Maryland)Round 7/Pick 254

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