Top 5 Things that make Wyoming tougher than Colorado

It is well known that people from Wyoming are tougher than people from Colorado. However, we rarely sit down to quantify why that is. So as someone from the East Coast who lives in Wyoming and has a brother in Colorado, I would like to officially state the top five reasons why Wyoming is tougher than Colorado. 

Please leave your reasons in the comments below.

Number 5 (Veduawoo)

Some of you may not know this but just 45 minutes west of Cheyenne is a hidden gem. No not the Gem City I am talking about Vedauwoo. Believe it or not, this is one the greatest places in the world to practice Off-Width Climbing. What is off-width climbing? Well, essentially it’s when you jam legs or arms or your entire body into the cracks of rocks to climb them. I know you just cringed at the thought of it, which tells you how tough it is. Colorado on the other hand has sport climbing. Which is the diet coke version of crack climbing.

Number 4 (No Pro Sports Teams)

Do you know what’s soft? Pro athletes are a bunch of primadonnas who get paid like royalty to play a child’s game. Not here in Wyoming. The only sports teams we have are the fine Cowboys and Cowgirls of our proud University. Those kids play for the love of the game! You don’t see Easton Gibbs getting a six-figure NIL deal. No, he plays for a handshake and a hotdog!

Number 03 (Our State Flag)

One of Wyoming’s most famous icons is our state flag. The majestic bison stands proudly on a sea of blue, boarded in red and white. The bison is a noble animal, one that has fought off extinction. Our flag shares colors with our country’s great flag. However, in Colorado, their flag is a yellow ball with a red C on it. This isn’t Sesame Street this is America. The only state flag that can even come close to ours is California because they have a bear on it. Unfortunately, Grizzly Bears don’t even live in California anymore so point to us.

Number 02 (Cheyenne Frontier Day)

The world’s largest rodeo is right here in the cowboy state. Literally, the toughest sport on the planet and its Super Bowl takes place in Wyoming. What is the coolest sporting event that happens in Colorado? The Avalanche occasionally wins a Stanley Cup. That’s super rad and all but every year Rodeo has its mega event in Wyoming.

Number 01 (The Wind)

Coach Bohl famously says that “if the wind stopped blowing in Wyoming people would fall over”. That’s tuff just the image of someone leaning into the wind with a scowl that looks like Clint Eastwood. The wind is so strong it literally blows over semi trucks! Those Greenies can’t say they have anything to deal with down there that even comes close to the constant wind in Wyoming.

So there you have it! A definitive list as to why Wyoming is tougher than Colorado.

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