Malek’s Final 2022 NFL Mock Draft

Do you feel that folks? It suddenly feels like the temperature dropped a little. Suddenly you want to put a hoodie on. Quite frankly it’s completely reasonable because THERE’S A DRAFT IN THE AIR! Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of my favorite weeks of the year and I’m starting it off with my “very last” mock draft (I use air quotes because this will be the last published mock draft from me). If you want to see my previous attempts, please check out my previous mocks in the links below, So let’s get started shall we?

Malek’s 2022 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

Malek’s 2 Round Mock

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars – Travon Walker EDGE Georgia: How in the world did we come to this? Walker is now the Vegas favorite to go 1 and quite frankly, I think the Jags are dumb enough to do this. Walker has traits to mold into a productive pass rusher, but he is far from a finished product.
  2. Detroit Lions – Aiden Hutchinson EDGE Michigan: “Motor” is the same descriptive word I keep using that describes Aiden to a T. The Lions haven’t had productive pass rushing since Ziggy Ansah and even that isn’t saying much. The Michigan connection does help, but even if he was a Buckeye, he’d still be the perfect pick for the Lions.
  3. Houston Texans – Derek Stingley Jr. CB LSU: During his freshman season, Stingley became a superstar. The next 2 years were not so kind to the athlete from the Bayou. Injuries were the main concern, however after an impressive Pro Day with a 4.3 40, Stingley has solidified his stock as a Top 5 talent.
  4. New York Jets – Kayvon Thibodeaux EDGE Oregon: Thibodeaux falls into somewhat the same mold as Stingley as he arrived on the scene as a freshman. The difference here has been the inconsistency in his production level. He will need the right coaching to truly unlock his potential but if he finds it, Thibodeaux can very easily end up as the best player in this class.
  5. New York Giants – Jermaine Johnson EDGE Florida State: I was very resistant to the skyrocketing stock of Johnson. However, learning more about his story and also delving into his impressive season at FSU, I can’t deny the potential this guy has. The Giants desperately need to add a playmaker on their defense and Johnson will go a long way in fixing the talent depth.
  6. Carolina Panthers – Kenny Pickett QB Pitt: This pick has become so ingrained into my psyche that I’d be surprised if this isn’t the pick for Matt Rhule and company. Pickett is the only QB currently that I believe is a plug and play starter. He is not of the same caliber as some of the other QB prospects in previous years, but you can’t deny that he would be an instant improvement to an offense that needs it under center.
  7. New York Giants – Ikem Ekwonu OT NC State: I have been on my soap box for awhile now about how good this man is. I’ve gone back and forth on this but I truly think he fits with the Giants more because of his position flexibility. Putting him at Guard to start would be a massive upgrade to a team that needs to invest in the health of Daniel Jones. If Andrew Thomas doesn’t end up working out, Icky immediately slides over to fill the hole with no issues.
  8. Atlanta Falcons – Garrett Wilson WR Ohio State: I can’t for the life of me get the image of the starting 11 for the Falcons offense and just how pitiful it looks. Kyle Pitts will improve tremendously and I like Mariotta as somewhat of a bridge, but without Ridley their skill positions are lacking. I feel like this is the spot we end up seeing the first receiver taken.
  9. Seattle Seahawks – Evan Neal OT Alabama: The Seahawks are the benefit of biding their time and letting the board come to them. The best pure left tackle falling into Seattle’s lap is honestly too good to be true. This is somewhat uncharted territory for them to invest in o-line so early, but with the value that’s there it’s honestly something that shouldn’t be overlooked.
  10. New York Jets – Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner CB Cincinnati: Our favorite player here at TFTB stays in the Top 10 and goes to a spot that will fit him perfectly. The Jets desperately need talent everywhere on their defense and adding Sauce to their secondary will create a new version of Revis Island. While his tackling has been pointed out as a flaw, the aggression of his coverage skills should make up for any deficiency.
  11. Washington Commanders – Kyle Hamilton S Notre Dame: It is a shame that the best player in the class fell this far, but Washington isn’t complaining at all. Hamilton’s tape is everything you could potentially want in football’s equivalent of a center fielder. The amount of uncertainty being attached to him because of a 40 time screams “over thinking”.
  12. Minnesota Vikings – Jordan Davis IDL Georgia: The Dancing Bear is filling a spot that desperately needs to add some more talent to their defensive line. Davis was hands down the best defensive player in college football last year and captained the best college defense of the last 20 years. You can’t ask for much more from a d-lineman that ran a 4.7 and has a pedigree to match.
  13. Houston Texans – Charles Cross OT Mississippi State: Cross is easily the most intriguing offensive lineman in this class. He gets a little bit unfairly titled as a “project” but if you look at his play in college, Cross doesn’t have too much to work on in the pros. The trait that sticks out is obviously the wingspan which is frankly a scout’s dream. Cross can easily start off at right tackle for a rebuilding franchise.
  14. Baltimore Ravens – Kenyon Green IOL Texas A&M: Green is a player that I feel like we don’t give enough credit or respect. I’m not sure if it’s because interior guys aren’t considered sexy picks, however Green is also one of those prospects that has consistently been great since he entered college. He’s not a guy you’d consider once in a generation, but he is a guy that will play right away and fill that hole tremendously.
  15. Philadelphia Eagles – Jameson Williams WR Alabama: The Alabama connection to Eastern PA continues on. I absolutely believe in the talent of Jalen Hurts and adding yet another elite level playmaker to an offense with DeVonta Smith and Dallas Goedert will open up the massive potential for this team. He may not start right away, but that shouldn’t deter this team from using one of their picks for an elite talent.
  16. New Orleans Saints – Drake London WR USC: I have been adamant that if he didn’t hurt his ankle after two thirds of the season, Drake London would easily be the first receiver taken. London has the size, speed, and route running capabilities to be an instant contributor, especially for a team that has been lacking in outside threats.
  17. Los Angeles Chargers – Devin Lloyd LB Utah: Lloyd had one of the quietest great seasons you will ever see from an inside linebacker. Lloyd is the type player that doesn’t necessarily have that true “elite” trait, however he does everything extremely well. Especially after the backlash from the Kenneth Murray selection, the Chargers could add yet another smart player to their back 7 and flourish.
  18. Philadelphia Eagles – Trent McDuffie CB Washington: I can’t figure out what’s in the water in Seattle, Washington that constantly produces high level secondary players to the NFL. McDuffie is a little bit undersized, but he’s a willing tackler which is a big trait in today’s game from secondary players. McDuffie will be able to add to an emerging defense.
  19. New Orleans Saints – Malik Willis QB Liberty: The Saints need the heir apparent to Drew Brees. The offense overall is going to be an intriguing storyline to follow with the departure of Sean Payton since they were consistently known for their impressive offensive display. Beginning that journey will run alot smoother with a QB of the future that will be given as much time as possible to craft the next era of Saints football.
  20. Pittsburgh Steelers – Andrew Booth, Jr CB Clemson: The way the board fell created an interesting set of options for this pick. It became more of a talk based on value and how the rest of the draft shapes up. Booth provides every single trait teams want in today’s cornerbacks. Booth doesn’t necessarily flash, but he doesn’t make mistakes. While it might be risky taking a corner here, I truly believe the value is worth it.
  21. New England Patriots – Nakobe Dean LB Georgia: The heat seeking missile ends up getting to play for possibly the greatest defensive genius we will ever see. Yep sounds exactly what will happen. Dean is facing the curse of the undersized linebacker and it is truly not fair. Watch anything from the college football playoff and Dean’s play jumps at every turn.
  22. Green Bay Packers – Chris Olave WR Ohio State: Aaron Rodgers would be smiling like that creepy cat in Alice In Wonderland if this ends up coming to fruition. Olave blew up the combine with his 40 time and his play at Ohio State warrants being a 1st round receiver. Adding an athlete of his caliber to an offense run by the reigning MVP will be an exciting development to follow.
  23. Arizona Cardinals – Zion Johnson IOL Boston College: I don’t know if I’m in the minority compared to others, but I truly believe the Cardinals should reinvest into their offensive line. I understand Murray makes his money from his ability to make plays outside the pocket, but having a clean pocket from the start would go a long way to increasing his productivity.
  24. Dallas Cowboys – Trevor Penning OT Northern Iowa: The Cowboys desperately need to add talent to their offensive line. Surprisingly, I feel like this is a great connection. Penning is much more suited as an aggressive right tackle that can learn from an experienced staff to refine his overall technique. It might be a bumpy rookie year, but he can end up being a significant upgrade with reps.
  25. Buffalo Bills – Kaiir Elam CB Florida: There’s alot of mixed baggage with regards to Elam. The talent is definitely there, however he didn’t show up on tape as strong as some expected him to. Playing for a playoff contender with an opening will help him adjust quicker to the NFL game.
  26. Tennessee Titans – Tyler Linderbaum IOL Iowa: This might seem somewhat of a stretch, however Ben Jones is starting to get up there in age a bit. Adding a younger, well refined center prospect will continue into the run heavy/play action style offense the Titans ran to perfection. While he won’t be able to play other positions, it’s not the worst option to begin thinking about future options when the board falls this way.
  27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Daxton Hill S Michigan: Surprisingly enough, the Bucs do have a number of holes to fill for a team that should be competing for a Super Bowl spot. Hill is the type of swiss army knife secondary piece that will assist in the explosive offenses they will need to surpass.
  28. Green Bay Packers – David Ojabo EDGE Michigan: With the Packers filling the receiver spot early, this 2nd pick allows them to get creative and go for a best talent available option. Before he was injured, Ojabo could have been a top 10 choice. He won’t be ready to start the year, however if the medicals check out, using a first round choice in order to gain an extra option year could be an extremely smart choice.
  29. Kansas City Chiefs – Skyy Moore WR Western Michigan: Nobody in their right mind would say that a draft pick could replace the explosive capabilities of Tyreek Hill. However, adding a smooth playmaking wide receiver from the MAC with blistering speed does seem to bear well with regard to keeping production up. Moore also as a bonus clearly won’t come with the same character flaws.
  30. Kansas City Chiefs – Jaquan Brisker S Penn State: Potentially losing Tyrann Mathieu is going to be a massive blow to a defense who had trouble stopping a runny nose. No one can truly replace his playmaking abilities, but Brisker is the type of physical specimen the Chiefs have been lacking on their defense for awhile now.
  31. Cincinnati Bengals – Tyler Smith IOL Tulsa: One of my favorite players ends up in a situation that desperately needs his services. Smith started every game at Tulsa since he walked on campus and as he got stronger, the physicality increased. While the level of competition has a say in what he did well, you can’t teach size and aggressiveness to a football player.
  32. Detroit Lions – Desmond Ridder QB Cincinnati: Ridder has been getting alot of steam lately as the clear 3rd option in this QB class. Quite frankly I believe he has the ability to develop into a starter with his size and leadership traits. Accuracy is still somewhat of a concern and he will need to work on this during his rookie year. However he wouldn’t be expected to play right away which should bode well for this development.

This is my final mock and now I bid you all adieu.

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