Moorhead’s 2022 Big Draft Board

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have had the week of our first mock drafts, and those turned out awesome from the four of us. Now it is time for something I have never done before; a big draft board. A list of 50 individuals who I believe are the best prospects in this draft class. Well, dare I say, I like a challenge.

A lot of big-time names will be on this list, but I have a few surprises in mind for this big board blockbuster. Am I going to be biased? Duh. Is it going to be the best big draft board you have ever seen? You’re goddamn right (Walter White voice inserted here). Deke put his board up yesterday, so let me see if I can provide a little insight to take my big board draft virginity away! All I can say is finally this; The RankKing knows all so bow down to greatness. Let’s get it!

In our first selection, we have picks one to nine. Unless you are Dre, (which Dre loves the “Sauce”) everybody’s top ten is virtually going to be the same names but shifted around a bit. We have the best player in the class at Hamilton taking the top spot with edge rushers Hutchinson and KT in a close race following him. I have become a little higher on Stingley in recent weeks so he edges out the great offensive linemen of Ekwonu and Neal. Interestingly enough, I have Linderbaum ahead of Green. I like Green’s ability of different positions along the line, but sometimes you only need to be good at one thing, and Linderbaum does that. Finalizing the first section, we have linebacker Devin Llyod. Freak of an athlete who I believe could be a top ten pick, or he could slide down into the 20’s. It’s a weird take, but so is this entire draft to be honest.

Hitting 10-19 was an interesting task for me. Sauce obviously takes the first slot here being the 2nd best corner in the draft. Not giving up touchdowns looks good on a resume, and believe me, many teams will realize that as well when looking at his skill set. Next, we have Jermaine Johnson who might start to become a favorite edge rusher for me. His Senior Bowl highlights were amazing and should be taken in great regard for his draft stock. Cross could slide here, but he is by far the best pass-blocking OT in the draft. After that, we have edge rushers Ojabo and Walker. Not gonna lie, but I kind of love Ojabo. His story, his playstyle is just so fierce to me. I personally believe Drake London has the highest potential out of any wideout, Nakobe Dean is a freak of nature, and while Karlaftis slides a bit, he should very much be a bright spot for a lot of teams in this draft. Finally, you have Jordan Davis. He’s kind of a one-trick-poney with stopping the run, but he’s good at it.

With picks 20-29, we start off with a personal favorite of mine; Treylon Burks. Speed, height, strength, he has it all with a very promising Deebo Samuel comparison to boost his draft stock. Trevor Penning is a mammoth of a man with seemingly no regard for human life in those big scary eyes and body frame. I love McDuffie, and really believe he can rise to big things with his skill set. I mean you gotta love both Washington corners, but man he just seems special. Another name that is special is wideout Jameson Williams. Yes, the injury has plagued his draft stock, but that won’t stop teams from taking the deep-threat speedster. Pickett is the first quarterback to show up here at the halfway point at #25 no matter how small his hands are, and we finish this section off with the interior beast; Zion Johnson.

Now, let’s get into picks 30-39 on my board. We have two quarterbacks in Willis and Corral. I love Willis, but his accuracy does scare me a bit. Aside from that, he is a sure 1st round pick for teams in desperate need of the position. Corral has potential, but with the injury and him not performing at the combine coming up, I am just not sure that he will slide into the first round. Dotson comes in as a great receiving option from Penn State with Roger McCreary showing little to no separation behind him. We have two selections each from Alabama and Georgia as all four of these guys are stud athletes in their own right. We even have our first running back off in this section with Kenneth Walker III.

Now we finally end our big board column with 40-50. Ridder narrowly beats out Howell here just because I think Ridder’s skill set could be a better move for teams looking at different traits. Kyler Gordon is high for me because even though his size doesn’t say it, he and McDuffie are amazing on the field. If I wasn’t so high on McDuffie, I’d be a bigger Kyler Gordon guy, but it is what it is. Some names that people might not have here on their boards that I wanna touch on real quick include the following; Jalen Pitre, Skyy Moore, and Myjai Sanders. All of these guys have the potential to be second-round choices if they test well at the combine. I am hoping that will be the case cause I love all those guys.

Well, there you have it, folks. My first Big Draft Board is complete. Don’t worry, I’ll be able to go into a lot more information and draft stock once the combine gets started. Make sure to follow along because there is so much more draft coverage to come from us here at TFTB, and we are happy to deliver it to you. Until then, the King has spoken, so this court is adjourned.

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