From The Desk Of HR: Swear Jar Update

First and foremost we here at HR would like to take this time to thank
all the podcast in their attempt to curb what some thought was a
onslaught of high risk words.

After much debate here at HR we have decided to lift the ban on several of these words seeing as that when the great George Carlin deemed them not suitable in 1972. We were all a little younger and wanting you to know that we here at HR are able to change with the times also.

The list of 7 words will now be a list of 5, opening up the words SHIT
and PISS to go along with DAMN and HELL, Please keep in mind after
reviewing all the podcast on socials that 2 of the words on the list of
5 have never been used (WELL DONE) and the 2 that were used and the one that sounds like a snack are still punishable by fine!

We hope you are all well and keep in mind if you need to talk call
somebody else because we here at HR go to bed early. Have a great year!

Sincerely HR

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