Moorhead’s NFL 2021 Record Results

Okay people, at the beginning of May, I wrote an article predicting how the 2021records for each team would pan out after the regular season. I will say having another game added a lot of pressure at trying to get things right. The last time I did this I ended up with a 48% after the 2020 season. As always the scoring system is as shown;

Dead On – 5 Points

One Game Off – 4 Points

Two Games Off – 3 Points

Three Games Off – 2 Points

Four Games Off – 1 Point

Idiot Meter Off – 0 Points

Let us see what 2021 gave your king this year!

Dead On Teams;

TeamsCardinals, Falcons, Panthers, Packers, Dolphins, Buccaneers
2021 Prediction(11-6), (7-10), (5-12), (13-4), (9-8), (13-4)
Actual Record(11-6), (7-10), (5-12), (13-4), (9-8), (13-4)

One Game Off Teams;

TeamsBills, Bears, Lions, Jaguars, Chargers, Patriots, Giants, Jets
2021 Prediction(12-5), (7-10), (3-14), (4-13), (8-9), (11-6), (5-12), (3-14)
Actual Record(11-6), (6-9), (3-13-1), (3-14), (9-8), (10-7), (4-13), (4-13)

Two Game Off Teams;

TeamsRavens, Browns, Colts, Chiefs, Rams, Vikings, Steelers, 49ers, Titans
2021 Prediction(10-7), (10-7), (11-6), (14-3), (10-7), (6-11), (11-6), (12-5), (10-7)
Actual Record(8-9), (8-9), (9-8), (12-5), (12-5), (8-9), (9-7-1), (10-7), (12-5)

Three Game Off Teams;

TeamsCowboys, Broncos, Texans, Raiders, Saints, Seahawks, WFT
2021 Prediction(9-8), (4-13), (1-16), (7-10), (12-5), (10-7), (10-7)
Actual Record(12-5), (7-10), (4-13), (10-7), (9-8), (7-10), (7-10)

Four Game Off Teams;

2021 Prediction(6-11)
Actual Record(10-7)

Idiot Meter Off Teams;

2021 Prediction(4-13)
Actual Record(9-8)

And now we have the results ladies and gentlemen. Again, like the last record result article I did, I took the final score out of 160 with that being if every team got a perfect five score. Let’s see the calculations;

The score in total that I got was;


Now by dividing that by 160, I get a total percentage of…


Now compared to the 48% I got last year, this knocks last year’s results out of the park. Not only did we increase our score by 17%, but we also got six perfect records which is almost unheard of. These are always fun to do, and I appreciate you having fun along this NFL season with me once again.

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