Ranking Every Horror Movie Ice Nine Kills Song

It’s almost Halloween people, and man do I have a treat for you during this trick-or-treating spooky season. One of my favorite metalcore bands of all time is Ice Nine Kills, and they just released a new album. I also love horror films. So in the spirit of the Halloween season, I thought I’d rank every single song that Ice Nine Kills has done that has been based on horror films. I am a fan of virtually every single one, so don’t be upset if your favorite is so low. Anyway, there are 26 of them in total so let’s get to work.

*Just a warning as well to those that watch the videos, some of them contain a warning for flashing lights that could result in seizures so just be careful people! Safety first!*


Love Bites

Movie Based Off; An American Werewolf in London

Overall, Love Bites takes last place based on the fact it is probably the slowest Ice Nine Kills song I have ever heard. In every aspect of art, there has to be a ballad. To me, it was an interesting route for this band to take based on their heavier work. I think it’s a great slow song for fans that may not enjoy the heavier tracks in their discography. However, that’s just not where I stand. It’s decent, but I don’t go out of my way to listen to it.



Movie Based Off; The Fly

A weird adaptation for this movie. I honestly expected from the grotesque nature of this David Cronenberg film that the music would kind of mimic it. However, the chorus and overall presence of this song in my mind doesn’t quite fit. Still a decent track, but I think they kind of went the wrong direction in terms of how this song was made. Not one of my all-time personal favorites which is why it is so low on my list.


Farewell II Flesh

Movie Based Off; Candyman

This song starts off slow, but it builds to completion of a theater-like performance from Ice Nine Kills. The track deals a lot in addressing situations from the Candyman franchise. There are a couple of reasons why it’s low though. I never saw the new Candyman film so that’s a personal demotion I am giving myself here. Plus, while the song is dealing with more of a theatrical performance, it wasn’t my favorite from them. Moving on!


Freak Flag

Movie Based Off; Devil’s Rejects

An interesting choice for one of the movies picked in the original “Silver Scream”, Devil’s Rejects was a Rob Zombie film that won a lot of horror fans over. It was a decent film for me, and honestly, I’d say the same thing about this song from Ice Nine Kills. It wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t spectacular. Still a good listen if you wanna watch your freak flag fly!



Movie Based Off; Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I was ultimately surprised at how tame and sort of pop this song was, to be frank. Maybe that’s because the movie franchise itself has never been able to get going ever since the original film. Overall, the song isn’t anything special with a very shoutable chorus, and that is about it. I still like it, but honestly, this was a big disappointment in terms of what I thought I was gonna get out of the song which makes it low on my list.


Wurst Vacation

Movie Based Off; Hostel

As someone who actually got scared from watching the first Hostel, I was very impressed with how good the song was from Ice Nine Kills. The movie itself made me never want to travel outside of the country for fear this could happen. I’ve come around to it in my later years, but overall still a creeper of a film. The song itself captures all the creepy natures of the movie, and it brought all that fear back up from when I was younger. Effective? Yes, which is why the song might be higher on my list than others.


Enjoy Your Slay

Movie Based Off; The Shining

This is sad for me because this movie ranks up there for some of the best. The song however really doesn’t feel the same for me. It honestly seems like a wild card on the first “Silver Scream” album itself. While I enjoy some of the things this song gives me, I feel like Ice Nine Kills had some better tracks. So it pains me to put it this low, but I have to.



Movie Based Off; Evil Dead

One of the more groovy tracks from “The Silver Scream II”, Ex-Mortis is an interesting track, to say the least. It does a good job at matching the seemingly silly style that Evil Dead brought to the screen. Overall though, the song feels more like a bit more poppy than their usual style of music. Like I said though it is a really good one if you are looking for something different from Ice Nine Kills.


The Box

Movie Based Off; Hellraiser

There is a lot going good with this track. I have to say though that the one thing that shines in this selection based on Hellraiser is the chorus. Everything else is just okay aside from the guitar work. The selection is properly placed as it falls right in the middle of the album where it needs to be. So placing it almost halfway through my ranking of everything makes it okay in my book! Also have Brandon Saller from Atreyu and Ryan Kirby from Fit For a King is pretty cool.


The Jig Is Up

Movie Based Off; Saw

There is a lot of influence from the Saw films brought into this song man. Warped voices of Jigsaw are found all over the place which matches the insanity that the film franchise brought to the big screen. However, the most important part of the song fell a little flat for me; the chorus. Everything that was heavy and messy seemingly gets pretty and clean when the chorus comes in. To me, it takes away from the song. Still a banger, but yeah it has its flaws. Game over.


Merry Axe-Mas

Movie Based Off; Silent Night, Deadly Night

Who says you can’t mash up two holidays and get something out of it. That’s what we get with the movie Silent Night, Deadly Night. That is shown quite well in this selection here from Ice Nine Kills as the utter madness of this track. The mix of heavy and melodic parts in this track makes for a decent addition to listen to in between the seasons. Just leave Christmas where it needs to be though people, we got two holidays to get through first.


Assault and Batteries

Movie Based Off; Child’s Play

The first horror movie I ever witnessed as a kid. Child’s Play chilled me to the bone and got me into the horror-filled love obsession I have today. This song from Ice Nine Kills was the second one announced off “The Silver Scream II” and man did it deliver with wonderful aspects that made you love the Child’s Play franchise. The big thing holding this song back is honestly the voices of the children making sounds in the background. I get that you wanna disturb the innocence in this song, but it could have been done without it honestly.


Rainy Day

Movie Based Off; Resident Evil

I was a decent fan of the Resident Evil franchise. It kind of was the horror version of the Fast and Furious. How much more crazy and ridiculous can we make these films. The song Rainy Day rubbed me the wrong way at first as it is by far one of the more poppy and mellow tracks on “The Silver Scream II”. However, giving it more listens made me appreciate Ice Nine Kills wanting to step out of the box on this one. I will say watching this video and listening to the song didn’t make me feel like I was fighting a zombie army.


A Grave Mistake

Movie Based Off; The Crow

Probably the first controversial pick on the list. Here’s the thing man. The Crow is a good movie, but I don’t think it’s this great thing people make it out to be. The song based off of it is a decent ballad from Ice Nine Kills. Spencer does really well with the vocals, but to me, this song was okay just like the movie. Harsh, but true in my opinion as it again just feels like a very depressing poppy metalcore song. Dive into that if you can.


Hip To Be Scared

Movie Based Off; American Psycho

I wanna go on record and say I loved this movie when it came out. It paved the way for inner monologues for serial killers everywhere and gave us the answer to how and what serial killers think about. I mean who doesn’t love Patrick Bateman? Who doesn’t love this song either? The band had so much fun doing this song so much that they recreated the scene with plastic wrap and the ax, but twisted it to the point where the music was there’s and even Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach made an appearance. Wonderful people!


A Rash Decision

Movie Based Off; Cabin Fever

I honestly didn’t expect this song to come in so hard. The opening movie track to the “Silver Scream II” brings in a gross breakdown after starting very slowly which honestly explains the movie Cabin Fever so well. It starts off very mellow but gets just so grotesque going forward. A good comparison to the movie, and honestly the song slaps so check it out as it just inches out of the top ten.


The Whole World In My Hands

Movie Based Off; Edward Scissorhands

Maybe it is a nice connection I had with this film, or maybe just the song in general, but I had to put this one generally kind of high on the ranking. This song feels like a ballad and almost a story of finding oneself kind of like Edward had to do, but still has a decent level of heavy to complement it. Overall a very good selection. It belongs in the top ten.


Your Number’s Up

Movie Based Off; Scream

The hidden bonus track off the first “Silver Scream” album gave me so much joy knowing the horror knowledge that went into it. The Scream franchise itself has been a wonderful selection of films spotting the decisions and understandings of many horror tropes. You feel that in these films, and you feel that in this song as it is basically the conversation from the beginning of the original Scream with Drew Barrymore, but with an Ice Nine Kills twist. Very good to say the least.


Rocking the Boat

Movie Based Off; Jaws

From knowing how much I loved this movie, somehow I knew that Ice Nine Kills loved it too with this fine appreciation to the movie Jaws. This song is crazy, it’s heavy, and it is just fun to listen to. From hearing just some of the references from the movie in this song made me feel like I was on a beach or in the middle of the ocean around this giant shark. It’s great, it’s breakdowns are nice, and overall it is just a wonderful song.


The Shower Scene

Movie Based Off; Psycho

I loved this song people. The Shower Scene really got me into the feeling of watching Psycho again (which is always a great thing). The movie still holds up today as being one of the best horror movies ever made. Well done to you Alfred Hitchcock, and well done to Ice Nine Kills for this song. Everything is there to make it great including the Psycho music getting put in there to add some scares as well. Well done!


Thank God It’s Friday

Movie Based Off; Friday the 13th

This was a tough one man. Originally when this song came out, I freaking loved it. Then, the album came out and it kind of got lost in the shuffle. It wasn’t a bad thing, but knowing how amazing it once was made me stick with putting it in the top ten. Friday the 13th was my favorite franchise growing up, and this is still one of my favorite songs to listen to now reflecting back on it. I also used to blast this song after getting off work on Friday, and boy does that bring back some good times. Still a good one to jam out to.


The American Nightmare

Movie Based Off; A Nightmare on Elm Street

The one that started it all. The American Nightmare gave me a lot of hope that Ice Nine Kills was going in the right direction. I loved this song right away when it dropped. The way they incorporate the feeling of the nightmares and overall feeling of being scared really shined through this song. A great listen to start your journey, I highly recommend it as the best to start your journey into Ice Nine Kills and what they are doing.


IT is the End

Movie Based Off; IT

This song had me losing my mind as soon as I heard the clown music. Man does this song creep me the hell out. That was obviously the goal from Ice Nine Kills as they took one of the creepiest and scariest movies and they knocked it out of the park. The sounds of Georgie’s voice and Pennywise conversating in this one will always terrify me, and it deserves to be in the top five.


Take Your Pick

Movie Based Off; My Bloody Valentine

This is by far the heaviest selection that Ice Nine Kills has ever given me, and man does it freaking deliver. Teaming up with Corpsegrinder, Ice Nine Kills delivers the most brutal song on either of the “Silver Screams” albums. It deserves it as I have been waiting for Ice Nine Kills to completely lose it and put their foot on the gas pedal. Well, they broke the pedal, crashed the car, and walked away from the explosion. What a heavy track people!


Stabbing in the Dark

Movie Based Off; Halloween

This was my number one track from Ice Nine Kills for so long. It also doesn’t help that Halloween is my favorite horror movie of all time, but bias aside, this song is amazing. It really goes hard people. The breakdowns and screams are to die for, and the chorus is one of the catchiest that Ice Nine Kills has to offer. Spencer is amazing on this track, and it is very true what they say. You can’t kill the boogeyman.


Funeral Derangements

Movie Based Off; Pet Sematary

This is it, people. This is the best horror movie song Ice Nine Kills has put out. It took a lot of thinking to put this one at number one, but man was it the right call. This song has everything you want in an Ice Nine Kills song. The movie references are there, it is amazingly heavy, the chorus is awesome. While Pet Sematary may not be my favorite horror film, I might just have to go back and watch it because of this song. My all-time favorite Ice Nine Kills song ever!

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