Week 5 Review/Week 6 Preview

It’s the part of the season where contenders are separated from pretenders. With 5 weeks down, we’re getting into the bye weeks where fantasy leagues are won and lost. I do these blogs to fully ensure a player isn’t dropped from my UNDEFEATED TFTB Squad. Sorry Steph but just know I still love the wheel of destiny and how you drafted. This week I get the Rank King where he is 4-1. Definitely my toughest matchup yet BUT AB got me going good.

Looking Back to Week 5

Truthfully, I didn’t get to enjoy much football because I was at the Steelers game. They won and in a way that gives fans some optimism due to their offense looking much better. The Steelers had their first 100 yard receiver and 100 yard rusher in the same game in a very long time. They did this against a very formidable defensive unit in the Denver Broncos. It was hot, it was exciting, it was a great day to say the least. I called them out last week and they delivered. Outside of them, the Browns and Chargers put on a damn show! a 47-42 game is always fun no matter how you slice it. And the Browns lost. The Bengals (who I also highlighted) were basically gifted opportunity after opportunity to win but just couldn’t get it done. The Panthers took a tough L and the Lions did too causing Dan Campbell to cry for the 2nd week in a row. I love football but crying after losses is just getting ridiculous. That’s not a coach who wants to snatch kneecaps every week. Lamar Jackson absolutely BALLED out on MNF and the haters are livid by this. Even as a Steelers fan, I find myself rooting for Lamar 15 games out of the year and I’m not mad about it. To finish, Jon Gruden resigned and I won’t elaborate on that because we all know why.

Looking Ahead to Week 6

Game of the Week: Chargers vs Ravens is the best game on the schedule this week. We have two big time young QBs in Lamar Jackson and Justin Herbert. Both are MVP candidates and both have the chance to vault one another pending the end results of this game. Lamar is doing absolutely everything for this team right now and it’s unbelievable to watch. Last week, the Ravens totaled 523 yards on offense and Lamar totaled 504. I’ve never seen that in my life and for those of you reading I doubt you have too. He wasn’t just slinging it either, he was efficient as a passer too completing 86% of his passes. Just absurd. Since this isn’t just about Lamar, let’s not forget the game Herbert had throwing for 4 tds, zero picks, 398 yards, and a QBR of 85. I saw a stat this week as I am a big fan of QBR. 100 is perfect where 50 is average for a QB. The stat is that Herbert on 3rd and 4th down, Herbert has a QBR of 94.6. That’s beyond elite. I can’t wait to sit back, eat pizza, drink Coors light, and watch this at 1:00. Leading this into the 2nd game of the week of the undefeated Cardinals traveling to Cleveland kicking off at 4:25.

NFL: Games Moved; Jets Sent Home; Lamar Jackson Returns; Herbert QB1 & More  - 750 The Game
Outside of Kyler Murray, these 2 QBs are definitely the MVP front runners. Of course this changes week to week so enjoy them going head to head. I’m curious if this is a potential playoff preview. Both teams are on their way there.

Toilet Bowl of the Week: Dolphins and Jaguars are heading overseas to play in London. If you’re from the UK, you have to be absolutely pissed at the NFL that you had the trash ass Falcons and Jets play and this is the follow up game. Both of these teams absolutely stink. Jacksonville will probably have more fans from London than they do in Duval county. The Phins and Jags are in the bottom 5 defensively for total yardage allowed and the Phins are bottom 2 in total offensive yards per game. Thankfully they are 2 however, the Jags are 21st in the NFL. I mean if you’ve seen the Jags play you know that offensively they are sort of kind of decent. Trevor Lawrence is a rookie and we have to remember that. We also have to remember that the Jags have not won since week 1 of last season. That’s 20 straight losses for you mathematicians out there. I sort of think that this is the week that streak ends though which means ultra pain for them Dolphins fans. Phins down.

Dolphins vs. Jaguars: Who has the edge? - South Florida Sun-Sentinel
The Jaguars stink but I’m a James Robinson stan. This man is easily the most underrated RB in the NFL. I’m still furious this franchise spent a 1st round draft pick on Travis Etienne.

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