Start’ Em Sit’ Em Quarterbacks – Week 4

Alright people… I apologize for making you all start Daniel Jones last weekend against the Falcons. I could not be further from how the results were and for that I am sorry. Now that that is all out of the way, a lot of crazy things went down this weekend including one of the best quarterback matchups in Stafford vs Brady. Things were good for others, and some just sunk with the ship. Let’s see who will fall into those categories this week!


Start of the Week;

Kirk Cousins vs Cleveland Browns

Don’t look now guys, but Kirk Cousins is literally making a claim for some great things. The man has eight touchdowns and no interceptions through three weeks, and it should be another great one here despite the matchup. Cousins has handled pressure well this season, he has great receivers in Jefferson and Thielen, and Cook should be coming back which should help Cousins breathe a bit more as well. Overall, the Browns have given up good yardage to quarterbacks. Throw him in as your start of the week.

Ryan Tannehill vs New York Jets

This one might be tough considering both AJ Brown and Julio Jones could be out, but the Jets are absolutely terrible. Their defense has given up a numerous amount of points to the quarterback position. One thing that people don’t think of often is that Tannehill can actually run, so that should actually help him out as well. Look for him to connect with Chester Rogers for a good amount of points in this one.

Sam Darnold vs Dallas Cowboys

Darnold didn’t connect on a touchdown pass last week against the Texans, but he did run two instead. Overall, the matchup might not be the greatest especially with Christian McCaffrey out, but you have to figure that Darnold will find a way to just get better every single week. The defense on Dallas has gotten better, but I figure that Darnold will be passing a lot here, and we will get to see what the kid can do.

Joe Burrow vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Burrow popped off with three passing touchdowns last weekend against the Steelers, and I have to admit i did not see it coming. He should be a great option if you are looking for a quarterback to stream when he and the Bengals take on the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday. He has plenty of weapons to work with here, and honestly Jacksonville really sucks. This should be a great one here if your team is needy at the quarterback position.

Matt Ryan vs Washington Football Team

I know how bad I constantly rip Matt Ryan week after week, but he should be a decent option to start this week when he and the Falcons take on the Washington Football Team. Their defense gave up four passing touchdowns to Josh Allen last week. The crazy part is that all those touchdowns went to everyone except Stefon Diggs. This defense was supposed to be good, but man they have been disappointing this year. Throw Matt Ryan in for a nice stream option this week.


Baker Mayfield vs Minnesota Vikings

Jameis Winston vs New York Giants

Taylor Heinicke vs Atlanta Falcons


Sit of the Week;

Derek Carr vs Los Angeles Chargers

Before you Raiders fans start freaking out, I know Carr has been fantastic this year. The man leads in passing yards, and has been looking to take the Raiders to higher levels. He’s beaten the Ravens, Steelers, and the Dolphins. However, they will not beat the Chargers, and Carr will look for ways to try to save this game. I just think this is a bad situation, and Carr will be the one to lose this game for the Raiders.

Daniel Jones vs New Orleans Saints

Damn you Danny Dimes, this was supposed to be your calling card match, and you failed to perform up to standards. Now he goes into this week against a really tough defense in the New Orleans Saints. He is also down two receivers in Slayton and Shepard, and could also be down a third if Golladay doesn’t play. It’s a bad matchup, his weapons are depleted, and he should be on your bench for the week!

Teddy Bridgewater vs Baltimore Ravens

Teddy has been great as the Broncos quarterback so far, but he has played against three very bad teams in the Giants, the Jaguars, and the Jets. Now he gets a real challenge in the Baltimore Ravens. Despite what people may think, the Ravens have done pretty well on defense, and now Teddy will be in for the fight of his life when the Broncos finally have a test put in front of them.

Ben Roethlisberger vs Green Bay Packers

This just sucks man. Watching Ben play that game against the Bengals last weekend made me realize that this is truly the end of the road on his career. He is afraid to get hit, he was majorly inaccurate, and he can’t push the ball on the field anymore. So despite the decent matchup with the Packers, I urge you to sit Ben until the play calling gets better, till he can push the ball downfield, and till we finally see his production make more than a game-manager style of quarterback.

Trevor Lawrence vs Cincinnati Bengals

I want this kid to be successful, but things just aren’t shaping out that way. Urban Meyer is literally running this kid into the ground. He has more interceptions than touchdowns, he is constantly getting put in harms way with a terrible offensive line, and he is taking too many risks early on. So in his rematch with Joe Burrow, I would say I feel more confident in Burrow throwing the ball than Lawrence here.


Jared Goff vs Chicago Bears

Mac Jones vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Zach Wilson vs Tennessee Titans

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