Start’ Em Sit’ Em Quarterbacks – Week 3

Week two feels like a blur huh? That’s because the love for football keeps on growing and growing as we get further down the line. Some of my quarterback picks did great last weekend, and some were absolute shit. Let’s keep the train going as we move on into week three people. Which quarterbacks deserve to start, and which ones deserve to sit?


Start of the Week;

Daniel Jones vs Atlanta Falcons

I must be high right? Why would I put Daniel Jones as the start this week because he’s the biggest nerd in football. Well this nerd crunched the numbers these last two weeks with two 20-point fantasy performances. With Saquon still getting going, Jones has been acting as the leading rusher for the team which is great for a fantasy perspective. He also faces a Falcons defense that has given up seven passing touchdowns these last two weeks. Calculate that people!

Ryan Tannehill vs Indianapolis Colts

Tannehill did decent in the first two weeks of the season, but now he has the opportunity to prove he was picked so high in fantasy drafts. This week, he will face the Indianapolis Colts who have struggled against opposing quarterbacks giving up six touchdowns this season. With the trust back in the run game, Tannehill shouldn’t have to throw as much will have him save his energy for his throws. I like the play, he is your start of the week this week.

Kirk Cousins vs Seattle Seahawks

Kirky and the boys failed against the Cardinals. Honestly, it wasn’t so much their fault as a certain kicker is to blame here. Kirk should rebound against the Seattle Seahawks whose secondary has been swiss cheese since the start of the season. I see a big game in the future of this Minnesota Vikings quarterback. Start him up in your lineups.

Teddy Bridgewater vs New York Jets

Teddy is making me a fan of the Denver Broncos this year man! The guy may not be the long term answer for Denver’s quarterback of the franchise, but he is certainly killing it these last two weeks. The guy has almost 600 passing yards and four touchdowns through two weeks. He has a nice matchup this weekend against the New York Jets. True, Mac Jones didn’t throw a touchdown, but I can imagine Teddy will.

Sam Darnold vs Houston Texans

Darnold has been quite the tear these last two weeks. His team has two wins, and Darnold looks already like a much better quarterback than when he was with the Jets. He should have a good matchup this Thursday when he and Carolina Panthers go take on the Houston Texans. Don’t let the three interceptions fool you that the Texans have cause Urban Meyer is secretly trying to sabotage Trevor Lawrence. Get Darnold in the start category this week man!


Jimmy Garoppolo vs Green Bay Packers

Trevor Lawrence vs Arizona Cardinals

Justin Fields vs Cleveland Browns


Sit of the Week;

Jameis Winston vs New England Patriots

I want to believe in Winston so bad this year, but last week’s blowout against the Panthers is not something that makes me feel good about him or the Saints this year. All the magic from week one just went up in smoke man. Now he has to go against a defense that got four interceptions last week. Yeah I’ll leave it at that. The Patriots are as aggressive as a defense can be so yeah maybe Jameis on the bench this week.

Ben Roethlisberger vs Cincinnati Bengals

This is a tough one for me man. Ben didn’t do much in week one, but he got enough done to beat the bills. Then came week two, and what he did wasn’t good enough as this offense is still looking to bounce through their full potential. The Bengals have a sneaky defense that pops up on occasion, and he now has a pec injury holding him back a bit. It just doesn’t help me at all to start him here.

Joe Burrow vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Burrow got rocked last weekend with three interceptions against the Bears. Their defense has been getting better. This week he faces a Steelers defense that when healthy is a top tier threat. Plus in his first outing against the team, he didn’t fair too well either. Look for Burrow to get a great taste of the harsh reality that is the AFC North Pittsburgh Steelers defense baby!

Matt Ryan vs New York Giants

This might seem a little silly here given who he is facing, but man you can tell that Matt Ryan is regressing with each game. Some of the decisions he makes are not the brightest as he threw two pick sixes in the fourth quarter last weekend against the Bucs. Plus he is being asked to throw the ball so often because the run game is crap. The Giants defense can be good at times, and I just think this one might be the Giants to win at the expense of Matt Ryan.

Zach Wilson vs Denver Broncos

Four interceptions…Jesus christ kid. I knew Zach Wilson wasn’t gonna do well, but he also didn’t throw a single touchdown, and this can go on to affect a quarterback mentally especially a rookie quarterback. The offensive line doesn’t help, but man some big mistakes were made last weekend by Wilson. He goes up against another tough defense this week in the Denver Broncos. Just don’t man. Find someone else this week.


Baker Mayfield vs Chicago Bears

Jared Goff vs Baltimore Ravens

Davis Mills vs Carolina Panthers

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