Middleton’s Legacy

First off, Jae Crowder you a baby back floppin bitch. Second, it’s not your fault you learned it from Chris Paul. Third, Devin Booker is a punk with a temper problem who fouled out of that game at least twice. Fourth, Cam Payne, you’re alright man. Oh and fifth, the refs suck donkey dicks!

Ok now that is off my chest, let’s talk about this game. Wholly shit playoff basketball is electric.

What’s wrong with Giannis, he looked physically drained. He didn’t push his way to the hoop. He was complacent most of the game.

That is until the final 3 minutes where he snatched the game out of DeAndre Ayton’s punk ass hands.

If Giannis can’t get back to his form from games 2 and 3 by game 6 we are in trouble.

With that being said, my lord Khris Middleton has completely changed the narrative. For the past 3 years everyone (me included) said he wasn’t good enough to be Robbin to Giannis’s Batman.

Which was true until these playoffs. Khris Middleton has had at least one dominant game in every series. And he has done it when Giannis was absent or invisible. He deserves all the credit and he won that game for us.

For the Suns’ part, they played really well in spots. But the game and series boils down to one end of the floor. When the Bucks are on offense and the Suns are defending they just can’t hang. Devin Booker was in foul trouble again. Jae Crowder was in foul trouble. They have gotten DeAndrea Ayton in foul trouble in this series. The Suns just can’t handle the Bucks when they play down hill, big boy basketball in the paint.

So the question still remains why the Bucks won’t do that all the time. Why do they insist on pulling up from the top of a key and shooting bricks? You saw what Middleton did last night when it wasn’t going in, he took two steps inside and let go a 15 footer that was automatic. EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO THIS!

The entire Hawks series I kept telling Greg Malek I don’t want the Bucks to blow anyone out because they think the next game they can shoot the lights out. But if they just stick to their game and play the whole game in the paint, this series is over.

Also Bobby Portis, and Brooks Lopez thanks for being awesome.

I think the Suns respond and win game 5. But mark my words, if Devin Booker keeps getting in foul trouble this series will be over in 6.

Bucks In 7.

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