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Alright so some dumb shit happened in hockey this week that could be talked about on Two Beers Deep, but Greg is instead going to explain how the Pirates draft pick was actually a good decision. So here is an article instead.

Tampa Bay Boat Parade.

Right now this is how the “big hockey media” sees Tampa Bay

Tampa is on one, they are celebrating their back to back Stanley Cup victories as if they will be the last to hoist Lord Stanley, and by the time this crew is done with it, they might be.

But wait there is more. Did you know the Conn Smyth trophy actually doubles as a hat?

And now for what really has the people going. Kucherov is saying fuck on air, and pouring beer on reporters.

“So you mean to tell me, they are celebrating one cup that was a Mickey Mouse ring and the second they were 18 million over the cap, in a shortened season, and they didn’t play a Western Conference Team in the final. Grow up show some respect.” – Old Hockey Media –

The above paragraph is somethign you may here out of the likes of a Don Cherry or other old head hockey media memebers. For me?


Kucherov and Vasilevskiy have singed endorsement deals with Bud Light. They are on day 3 with out sleep and destroying the city of Tampa. They are the best team in hockey the past 3 years, and they beat everyones ass. I hope they break the cup, I hope they keep being the bad boys of hockey, and I hope they win it again next year. This makes hockey fun when the entire league has a team they hate. Count me in on the Blotz Wagon. Keep going boys.

Pierre McGuire

For some reason The Ottawa Senators have hired Pierre McGuire to be the Vice President of Player Development.

Look I am not a big fan of Pierre, and Ottawa was actually starting to trend in the right direction with all their young talent. So this move was a head scratcher. Pierre has not actively been apart of a team’s management or coaching staff since 1995, when he was a scout for you guessed the Ottawa Senators. How much will this effect Ottawa no clue, this could just be a retirement cushy job for a guy thats been in hockey forever. But part of me thinks Pierre is going to attempt to leave his mark. Which if Ottawa listens could be devastating.

Duncan Kieth to Edmonton

So Edmonton gets their man? Chicago has been trying to get their bad contracts off the books for years now. One of the biggest errors was the Duncan Kieth 13 year 5.5 million per year contract that would see the former Conn Smyth winner reach 39 years of age.

Somehow Stan Bowman convince Edmonton to not only take Kieth and his full contract but also give them 24 year old prospect Caleb Jones. For Chicago that is all a win.

For Edmonton, they get a leader, a three time Stanley Cup Champion, a guy who can teach this group how to win. A mentor for Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. A guy who by all accounts is a legitimate top 100 player all time. A lot of people in Edmonton see this as their “Ray Bourque Moment”. Realistically this is another veteran way outside of their prime they are hoping to squeeze a good year out of, instead of developing young talent.

This is never going to work out for Edmonton, sorry Oilers fans.

Thank You Pekka

Derrik is going to right a deep dive on Pekka since he is a Nashville guy. For my money the 2nd greatest Finnish goalie ever. A delight to watch on the ice, and an incredible human off the ice. He will go down in my book as one of the best of his generation and honestly one of my favorites. The guy knew how to battle and he wore his heart on his sleeve. Another great goalie retires after spending an entire career with one team and no cups. He will be missed.

Alright thats it for now this has been Josh with Hawky Tawky!

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