And here we go. . .

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So my Bucks stand on the precipice of the Eastern Conference Finals. None of you thought we would be here. Honestly neither did I. I questioned if PJ Tucker and Jrue Holiday were enough to put this team over the powerhouses in the east. Turns out a little luck and a couple of stunning performances was enough.

But now I stare into the eyes of my other favorite hot take from the playoffs.

Trae Young has dragged the Hawks to the conference finals. He is putting up all star performances when his team needs him the most. That and a complete implosion from Philly, has allowed the Cinderella team to make it to the Conference Finals. But I have never been one to believe in Cinderella teams past the conference finals. Making a championship round in any sport is tough. But in sports with seven game series, often the Cinderella teams fall short not being able to pay the toll to make it to the finals.

Tip off is in about 8 hours, so for now I will allow my eyes to run over the rosters looking for the places the Bucks have an edge. Jrue on Trae, Giannis has no one to guard him. Khris should have an easier series. Brooks Lopez is a god.

But I am sure every other team that has faced the Hawks this post season felt the same way. The Hawks are a team of destiny, the question is how far will destiny take you.


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