We Still Here!

You all said it was over. Nets in 4, 5 if the Bucks were lucky.

Everyone said Harden will make it rain on you?

The only thing he is making it rain is spit as he screams at everyone in street clothes. Well Kyrie will blah blah blah. Oh you mean weak ankles?

Well if nothing else KD is the best (insert some bullshit). That’s cute. have you met P.J. Tucker?

Oh and what are the Milwaukee BIG 3 doing, you might ask? Well Khris is draining buckets surrounded by idiot defenders

Jrue out here nutmegging KD like its the EPL.

Oh and let’s not forget the Greek Freak is a two time MVP for a reason.

Look I have said it once I will say it again. Bucks in 7. @ me you punk ass Nets fans!

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