TFTB Nashville

When it comes to discussing anything that would be considered “big” or “controversial”, I’ve always found that blogging about it, despite my agressive break from blogging, makes it feel a bit more strategic. It feels like I thought it out a little more than I did and that makes it feel a bit less chaotic. A nice little shield if you will to make it always seem like we know what the hell we’re doing.

For the first year of it’s existence, TFTB was basically my own personal diary of stupid thoughts and fantasy football advice I assumed people avoided clicking on for fear that I was either A) stealing information or B) pretending to actually know what I was even talking about. We grew, yadda yadda, you know that part. Now we make shows and stuff. I’ve told that side of the story over a million times.

The part that I don’t dive into as much as I should is the vulnerable part. The fact that this company shouldn’t have made it out of its first year if I hadn’t felt honestly embarrassed by how much I hyped it up. For the first year, I basically continued TFTB out of fear of looking like a jagg-off for always saying that’s what I wanted. That and a healthy dose of Josh and Greg, beer and a hilariously aggresive Pro Wrestling push in the early days.

The part that I don’t dive into is the fact that without Josh and Greg, TFTB would be a a beat down convertible in a junkyard with just enough rust to make you think “what a car that could have been”.

The part that I don’t dive into is that I have more memories with my family than I could ever have hoped for because of TFTB. Memories that aren’t just about my family coming to TFTB shit, but a vital cog in the wheel that keeps everyone going.

The part I don’t dive into is the absolute 180 my life took in the last three years, and how the only constantly rising part of my being was TFTB.

The part I don’t dive into is that I really never cared about anything more than sitting at that stupid white desk in that over priced downtown apartment with no audio and shitty internet connection chugging I.C. Lights and talking sports.

The part I don’t dive into is that I never wanted to bring anyone else on board because I didn’t want to sit across from them and tell them I didn’t have the slightest clue what I was doing.

The part that I do want to dive into is that this has changed lives, including my own.

Thought’s From The Bench is a machine. The parts of that machine lean more towards a Gutenberg Press than a Tesla, but a machine nonetheless. Our machine.

The reason I even expressed any of the above is because TFTB isn’t going anywhere and it never will. Sure I’ll die of old age on a beach in Greece at some point, but TFTB is a living, breathing entity and because of that it will always be something.

Now, the reason I even express the above paragraph about the above paragraphs is because I’ve accepted a job in Nashville, Tennessee and will be leaving Pittsburgh at the end of May.

*Pause for Josh to sigh loudly*

This wasn’t really an opportunity I was seeking for, but it’s an opportunity that was seeking me and for that reason alone it’s happening. I know no one in Nashville and haven’t even actually googled if they have Yeungling distribution yet but it’s happening. I feel confident as ever that this will absolutely have an impact on TFTB in as positive a manner as I can express without laughing at my own spoken words.

Thoughts From The Bench is the strongest it’s ever been and I can comfortably say I don’t see anything happening aside from well, a branch in Nashville. I am already attempting to reach out to Bud Dupree and let him know that I am also taking my talents to Nashville so wish me luck on that one.

The roster we have currently at TFTB is by far something I never expected us to reach, not in my wildest dreams. I am more confident than ever that even with me gone physically, TFTB is bigger than me and bigger than it’s ever been. Build something with people you trust and you’ll only pull your hair out 17 times a day.

Remember. Through Union, There’s Strength.

I guess I’ll now be taking questions from the audience.

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