Predicting Every Starting Quarterback in 2021

The future is all about predictions and mocks folks. Today, I am challenging myself to predict each starting quarterback for all 32 teams in the NFL for the 2021 season. Of course, these are just predictions, but I believe my reasonings are justified. So, without further ado, here are my predictions on who will be the starting quarterback for each NFL team.

Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray

Kyler proved this year that with the proper weapons, he can get the job done. He had an injury scare to his shoulder that limited his play for a little bit, but overall, Kyler is the future in Arizona. There is nothing leading me to believe he won’t be the starter for the Cardinals in 2021.

Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan might be having his last year as an Atlanta Falcon. In 2020, he had a great group of weapons to work with, but he still threw the ball more than he needed to. I predict they’ll draft Justin Fields this year, but Matt Ryan will start.

Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson

Despite some setbacks, the Baltimore Ravens would be foolish to start looking for a new quarterback other than Lamar Jackson. I predict they’ll actually sign him to an extension to give them more runs at a Super Bowl in the future.

Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen

Josh Allen improved so much from the previous season. Some might argue that adding Diggs was the main reason of Allen’s success. If he grew that much from one offseason, just imagine how much he’ll grew in 2021 when he’s the starting quarterback yet again.

Carolina Panthers

Deshaun Watson

Oh boy, our first move and it’s the biggest one of the off-season. That’s right people, Deshaun Watson will be the starting quarterback of the Carolina Panthers heading into the 2020-2021 season. They have been letting people go, and have been expressing great interest in Watson’s ability.

Chicago Bears

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Hear me out people. The bearded one will be the starting quarterback of the Chicago Bears. Fitz played two years in Miami and has been a journey man beforehand. So, going to a new team with the Bears would be a good cheap option to have him be the starting quarterback.

Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow

They drafted him last year and he was pretty good before he got hurt. There is no way the Bengals move off of Joe Burrow. They’ll find him protection and some better weapons in order to give him the best success possible as the Bengal’s starting quarterback.

Cleveland Browns

Baker Mayfield

Baker had such a better season than he did last year. Some would argue the reason is that head coach Stefanski rolled with a run first offense with having Baker throw when necessary. It was also interesting to see him do better without Odell Beckham Jr. He will start under center for the Browns this upcoming season.

Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott

This breaks my heart because Dak will start with the Cowboys, but he will play under the franchise tag again. Just because he got injured shouldn’t limit him to anything except what he deserves. So yes, he’ll start for Dallas next year, but he’ll play for a different team in 2022.

Denver Broncos

Drew Lock

Some might not find this pick popular, but yes Drew Lock will start for the Broncos next season. People have said this where Ryan Fitzpatrick could end up with, but I still see Chicago as a better fit for him. They might bring in a veteran to challenge Lock though like Tyrod Taylor or Jacoby Brissett, but ultimately Lock will be the starter.

Detroit Lions

Jared Goff

Well the Lions have Goff now whether they like it or not, but they make it up by getting great draft capital from Matt Stafford and the Rams. Overall, Goff will be on the Lions for about two years, so he will at least start this upcoming year, but the future may be unclear in Detroit.

Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers

This is Aaron’s last year to really take his Packers to a Super Bowl. So they will obviously be sticking with him going into next year, but the presence of Jordan Love is there, and I would not be surprised if Aaron is moved and Love starts in 2022.

Houston Texans

Teddy Bridgewater

It’s not sexy, but it is what it is. I firmly believe if they make this trade, the Panthers will have to send over some first round picks and Teddy Bridgewater to complete the deal. However, with one of those first round picks, they’ll draft a quarterback like Lance or Jones to be the future. However, at least for 2021, Bridgewater will be the starter in my honest opinion.

Indianapolis Colts

Carson Wentz

Wentz is out of Philly and back with Frank Reich as the starting quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts. This is a great place where I believe he can actually succeed given their impressive offensive line. This is huge considering Wentz was sacked 50 times last year, but yes he will start for the Colts next season.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Trevor Lawrence

The Jaguars have the number one pick in the draft and will select Trevor Lawrence with this pick. The Clemson product will hope to live up to Be Jacksonville’s franchise quarterback. So Lawrence will start while maybe Minshew or Glennon back him up.

Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes

Yeah I’m just gonna leave this here…

Las Vegas Raiders

Derek Carr

Contrary to popular belief, I think the Raiders will give Carr an extension and stick with him. Derek Carr played a great season of football, and even with the success of Mariota, Carr will be the starting quarterback for the Raiders next season.

Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert

Herbert blew everyone out of the water with his rookie performance last season. He won offensive rookie of the year and dominated to the point where Tyrod Taylor was essentially non existent even with his lung getting punctured. He will most certainly start next season.

Los Angeles Rams

Matt Stafford

The Rams have a new starting quarterback in Matt Stafford. I firmly believe he will do wonders with a great receiving core, and an awesome defense. Stafford should do well in a new system with the Rams as their starting quarterback.

Miami Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa

The fact that after half a season, people are bailing on Tua already. It’s a shame because I have him sticking with the Dolphins (despite the Deshaun Watson rumors). The kid needs a couple of weapons and some more time, but this will be the future of the Dolphins. One thing is for certain though, Tua will start for the Dolphins next season.

Minnesota Vikings

Kirk Cousins

Kirk will be sticking with the Vikings next season. He played a great season last year, and ultimately it was the defense that let the Vikings down this past season. Cousins will look to use his weapons to his advantage when he starts for the Vikings once again next season.

New England Patriots

Marcus Mariota

This is an interesting one man. I would love to see the Patriots sign Marcus Mariota to a very cheap deal and take them a long ways. I don’t expect the Patriots to hold onto Cam and getting someone else like Mariota who has a bit more of an arm and better running ability than Cam, but yes Mariota will start for the Patriots.

New Orleans Saints

Jameis Winston

That’s right. I am saying that Winston will start for the Saints next year and not Taysom Hill. Hill is best used for his gadget play style, rather than a quarterback in my opinion. Winston hardly played this year, but when he did play he threw a touchdown. That’s all I’m saying. Winston will start for the Saints next season.

New York Giants

Daniel Jones

Sadly, Daniel Jones will probably be the starting quarterback for the Giants next season. I think I can speak for myself and many others when I say Daniel Jones was the wrong choice. He will start this year, but it won’t seem crazy if the Giants draft a quarterback in the next two years.

New York Jets

Zach Wilson

I get the argument of putting Fields here, but I fully believe Wilson is the better quarterback while Fields is the better athlete. All in all, the Jets will trade Darnold and settle to draft BYU’s Zach Wilson.

Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts

Personally, the Eagles don’t know how to manage a team. They lost Carson Wentz, and now have to roll with Jalen Hurts after taking him in last year’s draft. Now there are rumors they might take another quarterback in the draft to compete with Hurts. That would be dumb, but for right now Hurts will be the starter for the 2021 season.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger

As much as I love Big Ben as our quarterback, his time has come. He should retire, but due to his pride he will refuse to go down, and they will end up having to roll with him for the 2021 season all while taking a massive cap hit.

San Francisco 49ers

Sam Darnold

That’s right people. The Jets will trade Sam Darnold to the 49ers and have him compete with Jimmy Garoppolo. He will ultimately beat Jimmy G out of the job and secure his spot as the starter for the 49ers for the 2021 season.

Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson

Just because he is currently upset doesn’t mean he will be leaving to go anywhere else. Russell Wilson is the Seattle Seahawks right now, and they would have to be complete morons not to realize that. They will keep him for the 2021 season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady

The Goat stays in Tampa Bay for another year. I was honestly surprised by the fact that he didn’t retire, but it is what it is. Brady will start for the Bucs yet again.

Tennessee Titans

Ryan Tannehill

With a strong enough running game, Tannehill is able to make the best out of situations and become a great quarterback for the past two years. They just signed him to a massive extension so it would be foolish to have anyone besides him be their quarterback for 2021.

Washington Football Team

Cam Newton

Cam didn’t have his best year in 2020 in the passing game, but he did have 12 rushing touchdowns on the season. I can see him starting for the Washington Football Team and having that connection once again with head coach; Ron Rivera. So yes, Cam Newton will start for the Washington Football Team in 2021.

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