Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 17


Jacksonville Jaguars

Previous Rank – 32

With their latest loss, the Jaguars have secured the number one overall pick in the upcoming 2021 Draft. Hard to believe their only win came week one at the beginning of the season. So maybe they will try to win the last game of the season since it can’t hurt them anymore to win. The way they played Chicago though, it will take a miracle to win, but they play the Colts who they beat in week one.


New York Jets (2-13)

Previous Rank – 31

Where was this Jets team all season. In the last two weeks, they have beaten the Rams and the Browns. A real pinch me I must be dreaming moment, but yeah they have won two back to back games, and they will look to add another win to a miserable 2020 season. They will play the New England Patriots this weekend.


Houston Texans (4-11)

Previous Rank – 28

I went easy on Houston at the beginning with their crazy hard schedule and coaching issues, but I can’t make excuses for them anymore man. Their defense is hot garbage as they let Brandon Allen and the Bengals get the win over them. It was essentially a shootout, but the Bengals prevailed leading to a very enraged and frustrated JJ Watt expressing his opinions about the team. God help this squad and god help Deshaun Watson man. They’ll play the Titans this week.


Atlanta Falcons (4-11)

Previous Rank – 29

I’m convinced Atlanta didn’t want to win that game and they screwed up the kick last second. Why would the Falcons want to win when they are prime to take a high draft pick. So yeah almost beating the number one NFL team…nah they’ll pass. It is so stupid how many games Atlanta has blown in the fourth quarter this year, but in my mind after this season Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will be out the door. They’ll play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week.


Cincinnati Bengals (4-10-1)

Previous Rank – 30

I’m not sure how Cincinnati was able to beat the Texans, but it happened, and the defense let it happen. They gave up over 300 passing yards to Brandon Allen, and about 150 rushing yards to the combination of Perine and Bernard. Absolutely great for the Bengals as they are about one game away from finishing with the record I gave them this year. Hopefully, they can get another win, but would that hurt their chance for a good pick? Who knows? They’ll face the Baltimore Ravens this weekend.


Philadelphia Eagles (4-10-1)

Previous Rank – 24

Yikes. The Eagles really blew their chances at securing their playoff spot with a major loss to the Dallas Cowboys here. Hurts played good at the beginning, but got sloppier as the game went on. Also, their defense was a major letdown as they gave up over 350 passing yards and three touchdowns to Andy Dalton…Andy Dalton people, let that sink in. At best right now, they are out of the playoffs and will try to make sure a divisional team doesn’t get in as they face the Washington Football Team Sunday night.


Denver Broncos (5-10)

Previous Rank – 26

The Broncos have themselves a problem now. It seemed like Drew Lock was going to be the franchise guy, but now things seem the opposite as he has tossed the most interceptions (tied with Carson Wentz) of the season with 15. The team and ownership might be changing for 2021 with mistakes constantly getting made, but man this team looks to have seen better days especially losing to the Chargers last week. They’ll face the Las Vegas Raiders this weekend.


Detroit Lions (5-10)

Previous Rank – 22

Embarrassing. That is the word that comes to mind after the Lions dropped a brutal loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Almost everything that went wrong, went wrong here as Stafford exited early with another injury, the defense overall sucked, and Chase Daniel couldn’t get anything going on the offense. A pitiful performance to say the least and now the Lions will finish dead last in their division once again if they can’t beat their divisional opponent next weekend; the Minnesota Vikings.


Carolina Panthers (5-10)

Previous Rank – 27

The Panthers were able to draw up a win, but their offense still looked a little sketchy at times. The team relied on a lot of mistakes made by Dwayne Haskins from Washington to get them in prime position. So their defense did the job, but their offense could have been better as Teddy Bridgewater has been lackluster these last couple of games down the stretch. The Panthers will look to get another win when they face the New Orleans Saints this weekend.


New York Giants (5-10)

Previous Rank – 23

I knew the Giants weren’t going to win this game going in even with having Daniel Jones back in the lineup. They still put up a valiant effort though so good on them. Their defense at times just couldn’t stop the Ravens offense. Overall, its a known loss by me so I won’t waste too much time here. They still have an opportunity to win the division though as they will face the Dallas Cowboys this weekend.


New England Patriots (6-9)

Previous Rank – 19

This was bad. Cam Newton was bad. The defense was bad. Stidham was bad. Yikes man. The Patriots got swept by the Bills for the first time since 1999. Nothing about this was good, and you have to wonder what Bill will do in the draft. Will he improve the defense, the wide receiver core, the quarterback position? All of these questions are unanswered at the time, so we will look to next weekend as the Patriots have to win next game to avoid complete embarrassment. They’ll face the Jets who have won two games in a row.


San Francisco 49ers (6-9)

Previous Rank – 25

Despite the kicking issues by Gould, the 49ers delivered a surprising upset against the Arizona Cardinals. Beathard threw three touchdown passes seemingly without Brandon Aiyuk for the majority of the game, but they heavily relied on their rushing attack. Jeff Wilson carved that Cardinals defense like a fat turkey getting 183 yards on the ground and one of the receiving touchdowns. Also George Kittle returned with 92 receiving yards on the day. Fix the kicking issues and they should be fine even if they are eliminated from playoffs. They’ll face the Seahawks this weekend.


Washington Football Team (6-9)

Previous Rank – 18

Dwayne Haskins has been released. What a statement by Washington man. After serving two years under the team, the round one draft pick will have to find a new home after poor on the field performances and off the field issues. They still have a chance to win the division after a heavy year of antics. Let’s hope Alex Smith can get healthy in time to lead his team to a hopeful victory when they face the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night.


Minnesota Vikings (6-9)

Previous Rank – 17

The Vikings offense was actually able to do some good under Kirk Cousins this past Friday so good on Kirk, but man did this defense bite the dust against the Saints. The Vikings gave up seven rushing touchdowns in this one with six going to Alvin Kamara. Not sure what happened here, but Mike Zimmer and the Vikings better figure it out as they look to not come in last place in their division behind their opponent; the Detroit Lions.


Dallas Cowboys (6-9)

Previous Rank – 21

Dallas pulled it off man, I literally can’t even believe those are real words I am saying. With all the major injuries and issues this team has had this year, they were able to put themselves back into the playoff race for the NFC East with a major win over the Philadelphia Eagles. Dalton and the entire offense found their rhythm and now will face off against the Giants with a playoff spot on the line.


Los Angeles Chargers (6-9)

Previous Rank – 20

The Chargers move up after another divisional win over an opponent; the Denver Broncos. The Chargers have struck gold with drafting Justin Herbert as he has led this team hard with the passing game and his mechanics. They are out of the playoff race, but will look to secure a win when they face the Chiefs who will most likely be sitting some starters with their secured first round bye.


Las Vegas Raiders (7-8)

Previous Rank – 16

What a sequence of events man. The Raiders were about to knock off the Miami Dolphins after Derek Carr tossed a bomb to Nelson Agholor. Sadly defensive mistakes were made as Ryan Fitzpatrick came in and delivered a hell of a no-look throw with a face mask penalty to go along with it to put Jason Sanders in field goal range to win the game. Maybe it is time to stop blaming Derek Carr and look at your horrible defensive issues Gruden? The Raiders now eliminated from the playoffs will face off against the Denver Broncos.


Arizona Cardinals (8-7)

Previous Rank – 14

Not sure what happened here man, but the Cardinals dropped a loss to the 49ers this past weekend. Their defense could not stop the run to save their lives as Wilson accumulated over 180 rushing yards. Kyler Murray experienced some issues as well, and overall the team showed up and seemingly didn’t want the win. With Kyler’s status in question for the last week of the season, the Cardinals will face the Rams who will also be without Jared Goff. Both teams have a shot at the wild card so this will be interesting to say the least.


Chicago Bears (8-7)

Previous Rank – 15

With a win over Jacksonville, the Bears are now 8-7 and have a wild card spot at the moment. Truly incredible how this team was able to turn it around, and they did with Mitch Trubisky under center. David Montgomery flourished these last few weeks, and he finally looks like the running back the Bears drafted. Their defense has also stepped up too. They will look to secure their wild card spot when they face the Green Bay Packers this weekend.


Los Angeles Rams (9-6)

Previous Rank – 13

The Rams did not look good yet again here, and now Jared Goff has a broken thumb. He has been ruled out for the upcoming game against Arizona. Not only that, but Cooper Kupp who did well against the Seahawks will be out as well on the COVID list. Things look grim as they try to hold onto their wild card spot. The saving grace of it all is they will face the Cardinals who might be without Kyler Murray as well.


Cleveland Browns (10-5)

Previous Rank – 7

All the Browns had to do was win… Yet they lose to the Jets… What a moment as they now fall behind Baltimore in the division. Baker was awful in this game as he fumbled the ball three times (two went to the Jets), and he didn’t pass a single touchdown. Now they need to absolutely win next weekend to secure their spot in the playoffs, and it might be a daunting task as they face the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Tennessee Titans (10-5)

Previous Rank – 8

Another team that did poorly last weekend was the Tennessee Titans. In the snowy blizzard battlefield, it was clear who had the advantage, and spoiler alert it wasn’t the Titans. The offense could not get a lot going with Tannehill getting two touchdowns to two interceptions, and Derrick Henry not scoring once on the ground. A real shame here, but the Titans still have the top spot in the division with a Colts loss. They’ll look to keep their spot when they face the Houston Texans this weekend.


Miami Dolphins (10-5)

Previous Rank – 12

With Tua not performing up to par, the mantle was given to Ryan Fitzpatrick to get the job done, and he got the job done alright by making one of the best plays in 2020 when he threw the ball downfield while getting his head twisted around to make the play. They would win on a Jason Sanders field goal, and it was quite the scene to see man. With a ild card spot on the line, the Dolphins will look to gain a win and get in. That might be easier said then done though as they face the Buffalo Bills who likely be sitting some starters after winning their division.


Indianapolis Colts (10-5)

Previous Rank – 9

The Colts had this game man. They had it. Sadly, after a monstrous performance in the first half they were only able to muster a field goal in the second half against the Steelers. Their defense was unable to get the job done as Pittsburgh scored 21 points in the second half to win 28-24. A crazy comeback now puts the Colts in danger as they fall behind the Titans. Now they have to win and the Titans have to lose for them to win the division. They also play them team who has only beaten them this season; the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Baltimore Ravens (10-5)

Previous Rank – 10

The Ravens were able to get another win when they beat the Giants last weekend. They also moved ahead of the Cleveland Browns after they dropped an ugly loss to the Jets. Baltimore now will look to win a wild card spot when they face off against a team that was red hot last weekend; the Cincinnati Bengals.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-5)

Previous Rank – 11

What a first half by Brady and the Bucs man. They were able to score 34 unanswered points in the first and with no help for the Lions, Brady was able sit the entire second half. Even worse for the Lions was that Blaine Gabbert was able to throw two more touchdowns against this poor Lions defense. Man what a strike from Tampa, but they will need to keep their foot on the gas pedal with a wild card spot as they face the Atlanta Falcons this weekend.


Seattle Seahawks (11-4)

Previous Rank – 6

Seattle clinched their division yet again with a win over the Los Angeles Rams. Now the Seahawks will look toward another playoff run. However, before they can worry about that, they have to face the San Francisco 49ers after they pulled an upset win over the Cardinals. Can the defense stop them, or will Seattle have burned a bit before heading into the fire? Find out this weekend.


Pittsburgh Steelers (12-3)

Previous Rank – 5

What a comeback win man. It was the first time in a long time that I said turn the game off after witnessing a crapshoot first half yet again. However, this time the Steelers cam back with an iron first and dominated the entire second half only letting the Colts get three points the entire time. We have now clinched the AFC North, and we will likely be resting starters as our team will look to a Super Bowl run. In order to keep a team out however, they will have to beat the Cleveland Browns this weekend.


New Orleans Saints (11-4)

Previous Rank – 4

Six rushing touchdowns. Six. Rushing. Touchdowns. Alvin Kamara was the stuff of legends last Friday when the Saints played against the Minnesota Vikings. An incredible performance by one however led to a poor performance by another as Drew Brees tossed two interceptions in this one. However, they were up so many points, it didn’t seem to matter. Now the Saints have to win to try to get that first round bye over Green Bay who would have to lose. The Saints play the Panthers this weekend.


Green Bay Packers (12-3)

Previous Rank – 3

Green Bay outplayed and out shined in the blizzard over the Titans with a 40-14 victory. Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams were red hot as always as three of Rodger’s four touchdowns went to him. We also saw another star shine bright through the snow and that was rookie running back AJ Dillon who ran for over 100 rushing yards and got two touchdowns on the ground. The Packers now will face off against the Chicago Bears to secure their first round bye for the NFC.


Buffalo Bills (12-3)

Previous Rank – 2

This was a slobber knocker off a performance as it could have been. Thank you Jim Ross for that great line. Josh Allen and the Bills put on a clinic against the New England Patriots and were able to sweep them for the first time since 1999. Not only that, but Josh Allen tossed four touchdowns and three of them went to Stefon Diggs. What an acquisition he turned out to be. Now the Bills will look to next weekend, and could possibly be sitting starters when they face the Miami Dolphins who are looking to get a wild card spot for the AFC.


Kansas City Chiefs (14-1)

Previous Rank – 1

In reality, the Chiefs should have lost this game, but they didn’t thanks to a missed field goal by Koo from the Falcons. The Chiefs looked like they were in trouble as the offense and defense had trouble stopping certain events from happening. They come out with the win though, and secured their first round bye in the AFC. Starters will likely be sat when the Chiefs take on the Los Angeles Chargers this weekend.

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