The 2020 NFL Redraft

Nothing to see here, just a completely accurate representation of how last years NFL draft would look if it happened again today! Yes, this is how it would go down. No, no other opinions matter. Yes, I know that’s annoying. Here’s a picture of Big Cat discussing our policy on disagreements here at TFTB.

1. Cincinnati Bengals

Original Pick – Joe Burrow, QB (LSU)

New Pick – Joe Burrow, QB (LSU)

Although the other quarterbacks in this draft have been performing above expectations and Jeaux Burreaux had a season ending injury, there’s just no other person you can take with the first overall pick than Joe. The Bengals stay true to the process and take the best signal caller in the draft.

2. Washington Football Team

Original Pick – Chase Young, Edge (Ohio State)

New Pick – Justin Herbert, QB (Oregon)

I’ve seen a lot of re-drafts that have the WFT taking Tua here, but what Justin Herbert has been able to do this year has been amazing. Despite my personal love for Haskins, Herbert can step in and either start instantly or patiently wait behind Alex Smith. No matter which, Herbert’s the pick here.

3. Detroit Lions

Original Pick – Jeffery Okudah, CB (Ohio State)

New Pick – Chase Young, Edge, (Ohio State)

The Lions originally took Okudah who, despite some positive play, has been disappointing this season. Chase Young has been the clear cut DROTY this season with the WFT and would be an immediate upgrade to this Lions defense.

4. New York Giants

Original Pick – Andrew Thomas, OT (Georgia)

New Pick – Mekhi Becton, OT (Louisville)

The Giants need O-Line help and Andrew Thomas has been extremely lack luster so far. They replace that with Becton, the 6’7″ beast of a man who has been an instant upgrade for the NY Jets offensive line. With Chase Young off the board, finding a franchise tackle is a no brainer.

5. Miami Dolphins

Original Pick – Tua Tagovailoa, QB (Alabama)

New Pick – Tua Tagovailoa, QB (Alabama)

Luckily for the Dolphins Justin Herbert has been playing exceptionally, so Tua is still available at the 5 spot. The Dolphins have looked like the AFC team of the future (and the now) this season which one of the leagues better defenses. I know Tua hasn’t had the best season so far, but replacing Fitzmagic and keeping that team on a winning track has been extremely impressive for the Alabama alum.

6. Los Angeles Chargers

Original Pick – Justin Herbert, QB (Oregon)

New Pick – Jedrick Wills Jr., OT ( Alabama)

The Chargers are a bit upset that they didn’t snag their franchise quarterback, but I can’t justify Jordan Love of Jalen Hurts this high when Wills has been around All Pro numbers. The Chargers have a few holes to fill on this team, but snagging a sure fire beast at the O-Line position is a no brainer.

7. Carolina Panthers

Original Pick – Derrick Brown, IDL (Auburn)

New Pick – Derrick Brown, IDL (Auburn)

I honestly would have loved the Carolina Panthers to have gotten Isaiah Simmons originally but the lackluster use in Arizona has me a bit nervous, so the Panthers stick with the best DT in the draft. Derrick Brown hasn’t been an instant stud just yet, but he’s still the best option for this Panthers team right now.

8. Arizona Cardinals

Original Pick – Isaiah Simmons, LB (Clemson)

New Pick – Javon Kinlaw, IDL (South Carolina)

I’m not sure if it’s the Cardinals fault or Simmons but he has barely played this season on one of the league’s more up and down defenses. Simmons is a MLB / S hybrid out of Clemson, but that hybrid mentality may be his downfall at the pro level based off what we have seen so far.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars

Original Pick – CJ Henderson, CB (Florida)

New Pick – Jeffrey Okudah, CB (Ohio State)

Although CJ Henderson has been productive the Jaguars they would be just delighted with this redraft. Okudah hasn’t been the instant impact player we expected due to injury and the Lions just being the Lions, but he’s still the clear cut number one corner in this draft class.

10. Cleveland Browns

Original Pick – Jedrick Wills Jr., OT (Alabama)

New Pick – Tristan Wirfs, OT (Iowa)

Cleveland hit a solid pick taking Jedrick Wills Jr. in the draft but with him and Becton gone already Tristan Wirfs is the obvious selection here. Shoring up that O-Line so the run game can do its job is a must in Cleveland. I considered CJ Henderson here just because of the abysmal situation in the backfield for Cleveland but Wirfs is a no brainer.

11. New York Jets

Original Pick – Mekhi Becton, OT (Louisville)

New Pick – Andrew Thomas, OT (Georgia)

With all of the major O-Line studs out of the way I thought about a few different guys here for the Jets but that line man…that ugly, ugly line. Andrew Thomas hasn’t been living up to his first lineman taken label but he’s the best before. significant drop off on the O-Line.

12. Oakland Raiders

Original Pick – Henry Ruggs, III, WR, (Alabama)

New Pick – CeeDee Lamb, WR (Oklahoma)

A lot of redrafts had Ruggs still here for the sole purpose of popping the top off of any defense, but Lamb has been excellent so far. The Raiders just need playmakers right now and Lamb has been performing in Dallas week in and week out.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Original Pick – Tristan Wirfs, OT (Iowa)

New Pick – CJ Henderson, CB (Florida)

All major O-Linemen are off the board here so trying to find the best player available here makes sense. CJ Henderson has played well for Jacksonville this season and would help sure up the secondary in Tampa.

14. San Francisco 49ers

Original Pick – Javon Kinlaw, IDL (South Carolina)

New Pick – Henry Ruggs III, WR (Alabama)

Kyle Shanahan recently came out and said he would absolutely redraft Brandon Aiyuk and Javon Kinlaw but neither felt good going this high, so the speedster out of Alabama gets taken. The 49ers really don’t have someone with Ruggs ability and with a promising Deebo Samuel, they need someone to bust open the backfield, especially in their division.

15. Denver Broncos

Original Pick – Jerry Jeudy, WR (Alabama)

New Pick – Justin Jefferson, WR (LSU)

Arguably the best receiver so far in this class, Justin Jefferson just recently beat Randy Moss’s rookie reception record in Minnesota so the Broncos would be geeked to get him at 15. Jerry Jeudy hasn’t been abysmal, but the drop concerns have been real. Just add Jefferson to an already stacked roster on the skill position side and Drew Lock is smiling from ear to ear.

16. Atlanta Falcons

Original Pick – A.J. Terrell, CB (Clemson)

New Pick – Antione WInfield Jr., S (Minnesota)

The Falcons need defensive help big time and although A.J. Terrell hasn’t been bad, Antione Winfield Jr. has been tremendous for Tampa this season. The Falcons should honestly call for a redraft just to get better odds at the Minnesota alum.

17. Dallas Cowboys

Original Pick – CeeDee Lamb, WR (Oklahoma)

New Pick – A.J. Terrell, CB (Clemson)

Although it looks like a good move now, everyone was a bit weirded out that the Cowboys took CeeDee Lamb in this draft with Michael Gallup performing like a true second receiver behind Amari Cooper. The Cowboys biggest issues have been on the defensive side of the ball, so let Terrell step in and at least help out a bit. I don’t think he solves Dallas’s terrible defensive run, but he’ll ease the pain.

18. Miami Dolphins

Original Pick – Austin Jackson, OT (USC)

New Pick – Chase Claypool, WR (Notre Dame)

I was excited to see where I would put Chase Claypool in this draft just because of his production and size alone, and here we are. I would have loved for one of the lineman to fall, but the Dolphins need playmakers as well. I loved Gaskin this year, but DaVante Parker and Jakeem Grant aren’t really flying as the stars in Miami. Chase is massive and runs like a gazelle, the perfect target for a rookie quarterback to pair with.

19. Las Vegas Raiders

Original Pick – Damon Arnette, CB (Ohio State)

New Pick – Isaiah Simmons, LB (Clemson)

Gruden would be HYPE if Clemson’s Isaiah Simmons fell this far in the draft. Despite his clear lack of playing time this season Simmons is an athletic freak who the Raiders would easily use to rush the passer week in and week out. Again, I’m not sure who to blame for Simmons weird season but the Raiders would absolutely bite on the upside alone here.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars

Original Pick – K’Lavon Chaisson, Edge (LSU)

New Pick – Patrick Queen, LB (LSU)

The Ravens may have not found the next Ray Lewis in Patrick Queen, they found an absolute stud. The Jaguars took Chaisson here who has 14 tackles and one sack so far on the season, proving that there is the upside we all thought would be there. Queen just fills a bigger need on the Jaguars defense instantly.

21. Philadelphia Eagles

Original Pick – Jalen Reagor, WR (TCU)

New Pick – Brandon Aiyuk, WR (Arizona State)

The Eagles. Ugh. What the absolute shit to say about the Eagles. I honestly think if the Eagles were writing this they would take Jalen Hurts but more than anything, they need playmakers. Carson Wentz has been terrible this year which has a lot to do with injuries and their lack of playmakers on offensive. Brandon Aiyuk has been an instant impact player for the 49ers and would be someone that can jump start the Eagles offense every week.

22. Minnesota Vikings

Original Pick – Justin Jefferson, WR (LSU)

New Pick – Kenneth Murray, LB (Oklahoma)

With Jefferson gone, the Vikings will take the Oklahoma middle linebacker and get an instant starter on defense. The Vikings could have gone receiver here but without a clear cut beast still available, Murray is an easy pick that adds instant value.

23. Los Angeles Chargers

Original Pick – Kenneth Murray, LB (Oklahoma)

New Pick – Jalen Hurts, QB (Oklahoma)

Although the Chargers couldn’t get Herbert, they feel more than comfortable gambling with Jalen Hurts. This means that Anthony Lynn can still start Tyrod Taylor (in this universe he doesn’t get stabbed) with Hurts riding the bench. Jordan Love is an interesting name for this position but without any playing time, we have no clue how he will look.

24. New Orleans Saints

Original Pick – Cesar Ruiz, IOL (Michigan)

New Pick – Laviska Shenault Jr., WR (Colorado)

I thought about leaving the pick as Cesar Ruiz but the Saints would absolutely love to land a guy like Shenault. Just imagine every end around route that’s ever been ran in the NFL partnered with Sean Payton’s offense. I mean can a team have too many Taysom Hill?

25. San Francisco 49ers

Original Pick – Brandon Aiyuk, WR (Arizona State)

New Pick – Cesar Ruiz, IOL (Michigan)

The 49ers could take a stud running back with this selection with all of the big name receivers gone, but I believe Cesar Ruiz would help this run game just as much as a new back. The 49ers need to protect Jimmy G and Ruiz is an instant plug in.

26. Green Bay Packers

Original Pick – Jordan Love, QB (Utah State)

New Pick – Tee Higgins, WR (Clemson)

Finally, finally the Packers get a receiver despite it not truly being one of the drafts studs. The Packers defense has been solid enough this season and although Lazard and Tonyan have eased some of the pain, the Packers need to use the Rogers window while they have him. No Jordan Love for me this year.

27. Seattle Seahawks

Original Pick – Jordyn Brooks, LB (Texas Tech)

New Pick – Damon Arnette, CB (Ohio State)

Seattle always, always takes a weird pick. I can’t honestly explain it, but they also land on picks heavy later in the draft like D.K. Metcalf. Damon Arnette hasn’t been a shut down corner but he can hopefully provide a bit of help for this terrible Seattle secondary.

28. Baltimore Ravens

Original Pick – Patrick Queen, LB (LSU)

New Pick – James Robinson, RB (Illinois State)

Although the Ravens still have Gus Edwards and Mark Ingram at this point of the season, James Robinson has been a complete back for the Jaguars. Although I don’t know if I love Robinson past this season (I’ve been historically burned by takes like this before, I know) he has the hands and run style to compliment Lamar Jackson.

29. Tennessee Titans

Original Pick – Isaiah Wilson, OT (Georgia)

New Pick – Jaylon Johnson, CB (Utah)

Isaiah Wilson hasn’t exactly been the player the Titans thought they were drafting, so Jaylon Johnson is the selection here. The Bears found another secondary stud with Johnson, and the Titans can add some talent instantly.

30. Miami Dolphins

Original Pick – Noah Igbinoghene, CB (Auburn)

New Pick – Austin Jackson, OT (USC)

The Miami Dolphins can actually land Jackson a few picks after where they selected him in the draft so they’re sitting pretty today. Jackson hasn’t been a complete lineman but he has shown some upside and can fit in to protect their franchise QB.

31. Minnesota Vikings

Original Pick – Jeff Gladney, CB (TCU)

New Pick – Jordan Love, QB (Utah State

The Minnesota Vikings have a play now quarterback in Kirk Cousins, but no one would have reacted the same way here as Love being drafted by the Packers. Cousins has been the topic of many conversations about the level of “elite” and although the Vikings could get an impact now player, Love has a ton of upside.

32. Kansas City Chiefs

Original Pick – Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB (LSU)

New Pick – Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB (LSU)

I really don’t think the Chiefs would want anyone other than CEH out of this class. I thought about Chaisson heavy here, but Clyde Edwards-Helaire is their back for the future and has shown flashes of stud potential all year long. I think MAYBE the Chiefs could take D’Andre Swift here, but nothing shows me the Super Bowl champs would move off of CEH.

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