Game of Jones: The Battle For Number Five

This week Game of Jones battles the leader of the Bench, Deke. Both teams sit at a 4-6 record, and will be searching for win number five in a season where anything can happen.

First off, Deke is our leader and none of this would be possible without him. However, as a leader you think he would have chosen a better fantasy team name. “TFTB Deke”, just isn’t it. Like we get it, your name is Deke and you founded TFTB, super creative.

Now Deke’s team is pretty solid, and looking at his lineup he has Cam Newton and Taysom Hill in the starting lineup. Wait, how can that be? I thought ESPN only allowed one quarterback to play in the starting lineup?

Well, ESPN is dumb and lists Taysom Hill as a TE/QB in all of its leagues, so dumb. Actually it’s only dumb because Hill isn’t on my team…once I heard about Hill being listed as a tight end, I went to pick him up myself and realized Deke already beat me to it.

With Hill and Newton starting, this matchup should be a good one. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Hill gets points for Deke as a quarterback, tight end, on defense, and maybe even makes a field goal or too. At this point in 2020, who knows what will happen. None the less someone will go home this week with win number five (Spoiler Alert: It won’t be Deke).

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