Personal Add to Pittsburgh Breweries

Happy fucking Thursday everyone.

In case you have been living under a rock for the past 3 years Thursdays mean one thing to me, Two Beers Deep.

The flagship show of Thoughts From the Bench has been running strong every Thursday at 6pm. The concept of the show is simple, you are at your human optimization ceiling when you are exactly two beers deep. Generally we yell about sports, poorly sing songs in off pitch acapella, and make fun of each other. Oh and drink beer. We drink lots of beer.

But we don’t just drink one kind of beer, Greg for example is a stout and porter guy, Deke goes for the domestics, I largey drink the things that smell like cat piss. Yet we can all agree that when we’re on air we would all like to drink a sampling from the same brewery, if not the same exact beer.

Unfortunately to this point, we have never settled down with that perfect brewery. You see this has grown weary some for me. Honestly if we can all drink the same god damn coffee (By The Wayside Coffee) on Boondock Bangarang (Sundays at 10am) then we should be able to find a brewery that makes our heart skip a beat.

Now I understand that perhaps we have not made it clear enough the type of beer or brewery we would like to partner with so here is my dating profile for Two Beers Deep in our quest to find our forever love.

We got tired of drinking different beers, it gets boring drinking alone. Like a worn out recording of a favorite song. So while the fridge is empty I read instagram in bed. In the comment sections, there was a passage I read.

If you like a drinkin a light beer and getting caught in the rain, if you’re not into yoga but love IPAs, if you like making love at midnight, and drinking a porter to celebrate. We’re the podcast you’ve looked for, write to us and escape.

(Sensual Guitar Solo)

I know you’re out there perfect sponsor. Feel free to slide into our DM’s.


Three Drunk Guys

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