Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 10


New York Jets (0-9)

Previous Rank – 32

The Jets actually had a chance to win a game this season, but due to mistakes and poor management they fell to the Patriots in the final seconds of the game. Their schedule only gets harder from here, and it will be a wonder if they will get a win this season. At least they can’t lose this week cause they go on bye.


Jacksonville Jaguars (1-7)

Previous Rank – 30

Jacksonville drops a spot after taking a their second loss to the Texans. Surprisingly, their rookie quarterback Luton didn’t do terribly and kept the Jaguars in the game. However, they still lost. Now they go and take on an even harder task; the Green Bay Packers.


Dallas Cowboys (2-7)

Previous Rank – 28

The Cowboys drop two spots after a hard fought loss to the Steelers. I would not say that the Cowboys did well here as the Steelers have a notion for playing down to their competition. Their offense still looks in shambles and their defense looked bad too. Who knows if they will get better as they lost their corner Diggs for some time with a broken foot. They’ll go on bye this week.


Washington Football Team (2-6)

Previous Rank – 24

The Washington Football Team got bested by the Giants yet again. Not only that, but quarterback Kyle Allen will need surgery to repair his ankle. Alex Smith also tossed three interceptions this game which can be chalked up to ring rust, but man Washington can’t rely on their defense all the time to succeed. They’ll face the Detroit Lions this week.


New York Giants (2-7)

Previous Rank – 31

The Giants were able to capitalize on opportunities and came away with their second win over the Washington Football Team. This game was an interesting that seemingly belonged to the defense again as they picked off Smith three times. Also Daniel Jones didn’t turn the ball over the first time all season. They’ll face the Eagles this weekend.


Houston Texans (2-6)

Previous Rank – 29

The Texans got their second win over their divisional rival; the Jacksonville Jaguars. The only bad thing I can say from this past week with the Texans was the fact that they let rookie quarterback Luton do decent against them, and David Johnson fell to a concussion. They’ll face the Cleveland Browns this season.


Los Angeles Chargers (2-6)

Previous Rank – 21

It’s really tough to drop them so low as their record is just the main stain people realize. They have been so close to all of their games being wins, but they just have trouble closing out. Herbert and the Chargers will face Miami this weekend. We will see how close this one will be.


Cincinnati Bengals (2-5-1)

Previous Rank – 25

The Bengals come off their bye week looking to be the first team to topple the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers. Burrow has shown promise, but this will probably be his biggest challenge yet taking on the Pittsburgh defense. Time will tell how he produces and how the Bengals do this week.


New England Patriots (3-5)

Previous Rank – 26

The Patriots got away with one with a win over the pathetic New York Jets, but Joe Flacco and company almost came out with a victory in this one. Nick Folk made a field goal as the time ran out and the Pats got the victory. The Pats now will face the Baltimore Ravens.


Denver Broncos (3-5)

Previous Rank – 19

Denver came up short against the Falcons in this one. Lock actually didn’t play that bad and had his highest point count of his stats in fantasy football. Sadly, Denver loses again here and will face the Las Vegas Raiders this weekend.


Atlanta Falcons (3-6)

Previous Rank – 27

The Falcons came away with their third victory of the season with a win over the Denver Broncos. Matt Ryan did look a lot better this week than his outing with Carolina. It will remain to see if they can keep this going and take the notion of what needs improved when they go on their bye week.


Philadelphia Eagles (3-4-1)

Previous Rank – 22

Wentz and the rest of the gang will come off their bye week and go round two with the New York Giants. If it is anything like their last encounter, their defense should take care of business because their offense is not clicking. The way the Giants played in that last game, Philly should come prepared.


Carolina Panthers (3-6)

Previous Rank – 20

Carolina doesn’t move a spot after narrowly losing to the Kansas City Chiefs. The match was good and competitive to say the least with Christian McCaffrey getting a majority of the work in his first game back. Sadly, he picked up a shoulder injury and will be day-to-day now. We will see how his absence plays into their game against the Buccaneers, who just got destroyed by New Orleans.


Detroit Lions (3-5)

Previous Rank – 18

Detroit got rocked last weekend by the Vikings. Their rush defense was flat out terrible against Dalvin Cook, and their offense got hampered when Matt Stanford went down with a concussion. We will see how Detroit tries to pull itself out of the grime and dirt when they take on the Washington Football Team this week.


Minnesota Vikings (3-5)

Previous Rank – 23

Once again, the Dalvin Cook show reigned supreme as he rushed for over 200 yards against the Detroit Lions. Kirk Cousins actually threw three touchdown passes as well. It seems like this team is finally getting on track. We will see if this will continue when they face the Bears on Monday night.


San Francisco 49ers (4-5)

Previous Rank – 17

Honestly, this team probably should move down some, but their record is better than most of those teams before them. Nick Mullens didn’t do terribly against Green Bay’s defense, and he finally gets Brandin Ayiuk back from the COVID list. Expect them to hopefully back when they take on the red hot New Orleans Saints this week.


Chicago Bears (5-4)

Previous Rank – 13

Well, the Bears take another loss this. This time they lost to the Titans. As much as that defense as been playing decent, that offense stinks. The play calling is sub-par, and they are just uncreative. The Bears are gonna have to think outside of the box if they hope to stand a chance against Dalvin Cook and the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night.


Las Vegas Raiders (5-4)

Previous Rank – 16

The Raiders get another win besting the Los Angeles Chargers last week. It wasn’t pretty and it came down to the wire, but the Raiders got the victory. Carr’s throwing ability honestly has been great this season and I am curious to know how good it will be up against the Denver Broncos this week.


Cleveland Browns (5-3)

Previous Rank – 14

The Browns come off their bye week with good and bad news. The good news is that Nick Chubb is expected to return this week for running action. The bad news is that Baker got put on the COVID list, and might not play this weekend against the Houston Texans.


Indianapolis Colts (5-3)

Previous Rank – 11

For the majority of this game, it seemed like the Colts were gonna upset Baltimore. However, costly plays, and offensive and defensive struggles led to a loss here. They’ll need to get better if they want to stand up to the Tennessee Titans this Thursday night. Let’s hope Rivers is ready for it.


Los Angeles Rams (5-3)

Previous Rank – 12

The Rams are coming off their bye week and a loss to the Miami Dolphins. They will need to step up game to improve themselves when they head to take on the Seattle Seahawks, who are also coming off a loss to the Buffalo Bills.


Arizona Cardinals (5-3)

Previous Rank – 10

Simply put, Arizona got out-coached last weekend in a shootout in the desert against the Miami Dolphins. Kyler Murray continues to play like a beast putting the Cardinals on his back and running with them. Now they get a more advanced challenge; the Buffalo Bills.


Miami Dolphins (53)

Previous Rank – 15

The Dolphins are making themselves a hard team to bet against now that it is getting down to the wire. Flores has definitely done well establishing a very powerful defensively structured team with Tua to man the offense. They out-shot the Cardinals, and they now will get an opportunity against the Los Angeles Chargers.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3)

Previous Rank – 4

Well that was pretty bad. Brady played his worst career game ever, tossing three interceptions and no touchdowns. The Saints now have swept the Bucs, who are looking pretty sus right now. Adding all kinds of weapons apparently doesn’t do anything but confuse your offense. Oh well. They will look to get it together when they face the Panthers this weekend.


Tennessee Titans (6-2)

Previous Rank – 9

The Titans managed to get a win over the Bears without having to use Derrick Henry much so that was a good thing to see. Now they will look to best one of the NFL’s best defenses in the Indianapolis Colts. Lamar and the Ravens had a little trouble, but I know Tennessee will probably rely on the run game to win this one.


Seattle Seahawks (6-2)

Previous Rank – 3

The Seattle Seahawks took a hard loss to the Buffalo Bills last weekend. It was unexpected just based on how the Buffalo defense performed against Wilson picking him off twice and having a multitude of sacks to go along with it. The main reason for this huge drop was the defense though. They got absolutely torched. They’ll look to do better when they face the Rams this weekend.


Green Bay Packers (6-2)

Previous Rank – 7

Green Bay might have struggled against a bunch of no-name players against the defensive side of the ball, but Aaron Rodgers lit up the 49ers defense with four passing touchdowns. The Packers defense might be a little suspect, but even they should be up for the challenge when they go to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend.


Baltimore Ravens (6-2)

Previous Rank – 6

The Ravens bounced back with a win this week defeating the Indianapolis Colts in what was mostly a defensive battle. Lamar was able to figure out the Colts defense and exploit what he could. The Ravens defense though shut down Philip Rivers (with a weird interception ruling to boot). The Ravens will go on to face the New England Patriots this Sunday night.


New Orleans Saints (6-2)

Previous Rank – 8

I had to laugh when all the announcers picked the Buccaneers to take the win here because I had the Saints winning. Did I think it was going to be that lopsided? Absolutely not. This was a slaughter, and the Bucs were the lambs. Brees didn’t have to do much except throw four touchdowns and call it a day. They’ll regroup to take on the depleted 49ers this week.


Buffalo Bills (7-2)

Previous Rank – 5

The Bills pulled one off here. They defeated and literally obliterated the Seattle Seahawks last weekend. I will say the only things that bother me about Buffalo is its defense (which showed up last weekend), and its running game. It seems like Josh Allen is rushing more than his running backs which is a bit concerning, but they got the win and will look to get another one against the Arizona Cardinals.


Kansas City Chiefs (8-1)

Previous Rank- 2

Kansas City actually almost lost another game last weekend to the Carolina Panthers. Now granted that could be in a huge part of Christian McCaffrey returning as he did a lot of the damage on both the ground and in the air. The Chiefs defense did the best it could, but in the end Mahones saved the day again. They get the win and now will relax on their bye week.


Pittsburgh Steelers (8-0)

Previous Rank – 1

I was holding my breath the entire time. I kept thinking there is no way we could lose to Dallas. Yet, they came close, and I was holding swear words under my breath. The Steelers found a way to win though and the undefeated streak continues. While COVID tries to be the reason the Steelers struggle this week, I have confidence that they’ll do just fine in a matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals.

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