How the Election Should REALLY Be Decided

These are very trying times here in America. Our country divided once again in hopes of eventually uniting us back together. Voting is a great privilege for Americans to have. Although I know the voting construct makes some people uneasy due to true uncertainty of the validity of vote counts and not trusting that the truth is always told at the end of elections. So I sat here thinking of how we could create a solution to this problem. One that is out in the open, indisputable, fair and a visual decision for all of us to witness. Then one word came to mind… WRESTLEMANIA.

It is clear that these two are formidable opponents with impressive fan followings. Think of the story line, just envision it; Trump the defending champ. The people calling for his title. Biden arises from the locker room ready to pose a challenge. Biden trusts in his experience and getting to have already studied under a former champion in Barack Obama. But he feels it’s his turn now. Trump wants to prove that he can’t be rattled and that he and his MAGA nation will hold strong against any challenger.

What better way to decide the biggest decision in America than on the grandest stage in America? Wreestlemania 37 is on March 28, 2021. This would give them time for even better promos, gain other wrestlers in their following and make it the most historic match in WWE history. No sports entertainment event could ever top this. This would be a defining moment in our nation’s history. This would attract more attention than the moon landing or the release of U2’s album that got automatically downloaded to everyone’s apple music back in 2014. This would be remarkable, groundbreaking, revolutionary if you will. It would be mano a mano, 1v1, straight up straight down brawl for the presidency. Make it extreme too. A TLC (tables, ladders and chairs) match. Winner takes all. Truthfully if we watch that match, I’m going to respect and accept the outcome because whatever man wins that is one I can support.

Trump would have the slight advantage due to his WWE history;

Although I feel Biden’s hunger and ability to connect with the WWE fan base (being mostly children who smell nice), I think he would make it as competitive as possible. They are seemingly both not in good shape and would probably give it their all considering it would be a one time thing.

I just hate to see our country so divided. Instead of arguing and hating on one another for who we vote for, let’s leave it up to the two men appointed to represent each party. A true showing of leadership and perseverance between the two. Wrestlemania is the purest result we could get and it’s genuinely the only answer. Someone make sure this gets to Vince McMahon and see what he says.

God bless America.

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