Among Us; NFL Edition

Through the difficult time that is the year 2020, humanity has been surviving off of some wonderful gifts of entertainment. This includes Tiger King, Tik Tok, etc. However, one thing has shined up above the rest; the game Among Us.

The hit game took hold of the funniest situation with a serious concept; What if you and your friends are trying to accomplish a goal, but some people are lying?

There is nothing funnier than watching people rage over the dumbest things associated with this app. Who’s the imposter? Did you do all your tasks? Where was the body found? It just goes on and on.

So I thought since we will be playing this game on Idiot Hour for Monday night that I’d take the concept and put a sports twist to it. Basically the question is which one of these teams are for real, and which ones are imposters? I’ll only be using teams with a 5-2 record or better. Let’s get into it. Which teams are real and do all their tasks, and which teams are kinda sus and should be watched.

The Pittsburgh Steelers (7-0); Real

The Steelers are as real as it gets right now. The team is 7-0 and just came out of a huge victory against the Baltimore Ravens. The run game is finally back, Big Ben looks incredible, the receivers are nice, and the defense is ballin’ out. The Pittsburgh Steelers are 100% real.

The Buffalo Bills (6-2); Imposters

Look I know that Buffalo is coming off a big win and they are finally leading their division. Do I expect them to win? Possibly. I have a good feeling about Miami for some reason. Josh Allen also started off hot, but has now begun to simply sizzle out. It’s a hot take, but I believe Buffalo is sus, and should be voted out leaving Miami to take the division.

The Kansas City Chiefs (7-1); Real

The Chiefs are about as real as you can get. They can beat you in about every way. Running, passing, defense, special teams, etc. Couple that with the fact that Patrick Mahomes is probably the greatest modern quarterback in the NFL, and the Super Bowl champions have a lot of tasks to complete, but they are very real.

The Baltimore Ravens (5-2); Imposters

Call it what you want, but I have not been impressed with Baltimore as much as I was last year. Lamar seems a bit off, their receiving core is trash in my honest opinion, and they have been good against bad teams, but bad against good teams. They have been under pressure since the loss against the Tennessee Titans, and to be frank, it might be a hard road depending on their schedule, so yes they are sus.

The Seattle Seahawks (6-1); Real

Seattle does it’s tasks, but their defense is a little sus when trying to approach certain situations. However, Seattle on offense is a nightmare for opponents with weapons like Carson, Metcalf, and Lockett. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere near them. Their offense is great, their defense is a little sus, but Wilson keeps them alive.

The Tennessee Titans (5-2); Imposters

A team that was once considered a major threat was an imposter all along. That’s right. With the loss to the Cincinnati Bengals this past week, Tennessee shows me they aren’t as good as people make them out to be. The offense has some keys, but their defense can’t pressure or cover anything. They are hella sus. Vote them out immediately.

The Green Bay Packers (5-2); Real

The Packers may have come up short against the Vikings this past week, but I still believe them to be a huge threat for the NFC. Aaron Rodgers is trying to be on a personal mission to destroy everyone that thought he was washed up from last year (myself included). Expect them to bounce back hard and get all their tasks done.

The New Orleans Saints (5-2); Imposters

I get Thomas is still out, but if Alvin Kamara wasn’t on this team, they’d suck. Hot take, but Kamara has kept them in games with his pass-catch ability and obviously running the ball. Drew Brees has regressed in my honest opinion, and their defense has dropped off a bunch of looks for me. Sorry guys, the Saints are imposters.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-2); Real

They haven’t played yet, but with the overall talent they have on their roster, it is hard to argue against some of their weapons. Tom Brady, Ronald Jones, Leonard Fournette, Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, Rob Gronkowski, and now Antonio Brown. That is just the offense people. Despite their record, I firmly believe they have check off a majority of their tasks, and are just waiting for someone to slip up so they can report them.

The Indianapolis Colts (5-2); Imposters

The Colts have quietly climbed the ranks of the 5-2’s. However, when it comes to pure talent alone, the Colts are far from any other team on this list. Their defense is nice, and I actually enjoy all of their running backs, but this team is far from the real teams. They are most likely the ones that kill someone right in front of someone, and have to try to find a way to cover their tracks.

The Arizona Cardinals (5-2); I’m Honestly Not Sure

I really like Arizona which is why I am really struggling to decide what to classify them as right now. On one hand, Murry and Hopkins have been lighting teams up. On the other hand, they have some losses to some ugly teams which makes me think they play down to their competition. We will see how it goes, but for right now they are the one team I really don’t know what to classify.

Well there you go. Now all that is left to do is to tune in and watch us have some fun Monday night. Tune into Idiot Hour and watch us blame each other while trying to survive (or kill) in a basic space work environment.

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