The Answer to “Is Leonard Fournette a Valuable Fantasy RB?”

About 2 weeks ago, I had written a blog about how Leonard Fournette is so hard to figure out as a fantasy acquisition because he can either be so great or so flat out bad.

With his inconsistency, I had asked the question if he was valuable to a fantasy team. Well ladies and gents, I have my answer. He is not.

In 4 weeks he has had ONE solid performance. The other two were less than 6 point showings and now guess what! HE’S INJURED AGAIN. Surprise surprise the glass gladiator is out once again.

The man has a freakish physique and can occasionally run the ball with power and pace. But the bottom line is if he doesn’t have great protection, he’s gonna total less than 20 yards a game. He truly has never been the back that he used to be at LSU since coming into the league.

I may like the guy, and he’s in a system that should work, but he’s not working in it. So I have to drop him. He’s either injured, or playing bad enough that it wouldn’t matter if he was or not. I hate to do it to you, but I gotta let you go Leonard.

There you have it. Leonard Fournette, certified fantasy football BUST.

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