Game Of Jones: The Battle of Frye

We may not have won the battle, but we will win the war! After a tough loss in Week 1 to Degenerate Denny, Game of Jones looks to get their first win of the season against Team Frye. 

Sure Dre won his Week 1 matchup, but is he really winner with a lame team name like that? DO BETTER.

Now that we have Week 1 past us, Game of Jones is determined to be victorious. Honestly my squad has a lot of favorable matchups this week, which makes picking the lineup even harder than usual. Challenge accepted though. After a few swaps, I believe I have the best lineup possible heading into Week 2.  Even ESPN agrees with me.

If all goes as planned, Game of Jones will be victorious and Dre can go back to the kitchen to cook his sorrows away.

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