Starting from the bottom so I’ll eventually be there!

This article was written by Justin Boyd reflecting on his week of Fantasy Football.

After what I thought to be a convincing start to the season Thursday night (Will Fuller -19.2/Travis Kelce – 17) I was in high spirits going into Sunday and even halfway through Sunday!

Then the fantasy football gods stepped in.

Stan Marsh Jesus GIF by South Park  - Find & Share on GIPHY

Atlanta/Seattle turned into a shootout as did Minnesota/Green Bay where Thielen and Ridley decided they both needed 2 TDs in the second half.

While Oakland deuces Josh Jacobs needed to rush for not 1, not 2, but 3 touchdowns.

Needless to say after being up 40 points then going to make food and returning to being down 60 my whole mood shifted.

I had originally planned to write this article gloating about my team and the being the new comer on the way to toppling this league. However, Greg Mac had other plans and that’s fine.

From the ashes of a week 1 loss I will rise again, all apart of the plan I’ll say. Lose early, get some key waiver pickups, then slaughter. Trust me when I say that I am here to bury all of you. As the Super Genius, with a tested IQ of 169 (nice) my fantasy football knowledge is unmatched and you’ll all be begging for some tips by the end of the season. So I say just wait, because I’m starting from the bottom but I’ll soon be there… (the top for you dummies out there)

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