NFL Tight Ends Love Toilet Paper

In a world obsessed with Odell Beckham Jr’s love for poop (no seriously, it’s trending) something else has been popping up on the Twittersphere. Tight ends across the NFL are misspelling the word “role”…or are they?

In what looks to be an Ad campaign for either a toilet paper company or Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, some of the bigger tight end’s in the league seem to be joining forces and confusing people all the same.

Arguably my favorite response to one of these tweets was the Steeler’s Zach Banner who is widely known for his funny antics on and off the field.

To be honest I find it hysterical that Gronk is a part of this campaign as many people would normally just assume the big oaf mispelled the word “role”. They even got Adam Schefter to retweet the tweets, making you wonder if this really is an inside job.

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