The Fresh Prince Gets A Reboot…And It’s Awesome

Do you remember the first time you learned that you technically didn’t know all of the words to the Fresh Prince theme song? You sat there realizing you weren’t aware of how he landed in Bel Air and we’re happy that he sat first class with his Champagne even though you just quite weren’t sure exactly how old Will Smith was.

Everyone loves the Fresh Prince, so that’s undeniable. One thing everyone doesn’t instantly love is a reboot to a beloved television show, especially one with the status of Will Smith’s “claim to fame”. I put “claim to fame” in quotes because Get Jiggy Wit It is a bonafide, 100% banger.

This reboot, however, we can all love. 

* For the record, this was a fan made trailer for a movie idea that the producer had. This concept, although not the formal reboot, is the exact idea that spawned the reboot that is now being bidded on by the worlds largest streaming services. *

Originally produced as a wishful YouTube video with big dreams that Smith even declared as “brilliant idea, the dramatic version of The Fresh Prince for the next generation”, this trailer was the beginning of what now is being produced as a “gritty” take on the Fresh Prince Storyline.

Will Smith, a troubled youth in the streets of Philly is sent to live with his Uncle Phil in Bel-Air where he fights with his purpose, learns who he is and of course, lights up the basketball court for Bel-Air Prep.

I MEAN COME OOOOOOOON PEOPLE. This isn’t your run of the mill reboot, this is GENIUS. Portraying the darker side of The Fresh Prince that we only saw in a few scenes, this show has the opportunity to be an actual drama that we already feel a connection with. No, Smith won’t be playing himself in the reboot (duh) but you can bet your sweet ass he’ll have something to do with the casting.

Even Smith himself is in love with the trailer.

The only question is, which Aunt Viv will we be seeing?

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