Quarterback Bracket Challenge Round 2

Welcome back everyone to the second round of the NFL Quarterback Bracket. Once again, the rules that each quarterback is voted on by our fellow Benchers (that’s you guys) and the one with the most votes moves on. The numbers of each quarterback were determined in a previous article I wrote ranking them so check that out as well as the first round.

Some shocking moves happened in the first. So let’s not sit around and dilly dally all day. It is time for round two. Again, the bracket is listed below;

Here are our losers from the first round;

#15 – Philip Rivers

#16 – Drew Lock

#19 – Baker Mayfield

#20 – Joe Burrow

#21 – Ryan Tannehill

#22 – Derek Carr

#23 – Sam Darnold

#24 – Daniel Jones

#25 – Ryan Fitzpatrick

#26 – Teddy Bridgewater

#27 – Gardner Minshew

#28 – Jared Goff

#29 – Jarrett Stidham

#30 – Dwayne Haskins

#31 – Tyrod Taylor

#32 – Mitch Trubisky

Now that all is taken care of, let’s move on with Round 2!

#1 vs #17

Patrick Mahomes vs Matt Stafford

#9 vs #8

Tom Brady vs Matt Ryan

#4 vs #13

Russell Wilson vs Josh Allen

#12 vs #5

Carson Wentz vs Ben Roethlisberger

#2 vs #18

Lamar Jackson vs Jimmy Garoppolo

#10 vs #7

Aaron Rodgers vs Dak Prescott

#3 vs #14

Drew Brees vs Kyler Murray

#11 vs #6

Kirk Cousins vs Deshaun Watson

The voting is in your hands once again. Get to it!

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