The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Madden 21 Ratings

Well boys and girls, the Madden 21 Rating system has dropped on all of the players, and man can I say I am shocked at some of these. Some are too high and some are way too low. So here we go with another Top Ten segment with the Top Ten Most Ridiculous Madden 21 Ratings that make my head just start spinning.

10.) Tre’Davious White – 90 Overall

Now call it what you like, but honestly White’s skill as a player makes me believe that he should be better. He is still in the top five for cornerbacks, but it is at the back at number 5. I firmly believe this kid is better than Jaire Alexander and will continue to promise the Bills shut down seasons in the secondary. So bump him up to 91 and get over yourself already Madden.

9.) Marshon Lattimore – 86 Overall

The fact that Lattimore is not in the Top Ten when it comes to cornerbacks in Madden makes me a little salty with being a secondary Saints fan. Once again Madden has snubbed Lattimore of having that honor with him despite his skills and numbers he’s brought with the Saints defense. For some reason, he is always underrated and I don’t know why. Hopefully, Madden gets the point soon, but with this rating of him I doubt it.

8.) Nick Chubb – 92 Overall

Now some are going to look at this and go well Chubb did really well last year so it makes sense to put him at a 92. Let me tell you this. He is the third best running back in the game. That means EA thinks he is better than Ezekiel Elliot and Saquon Barkley. Get out of here with that trash Madden. What are you talking about? Chubb deserves glory in Madden 21, don’t get me wrong, but to put him ahead of these two just makes my head spin. He should be the fifth best running back at best.

7.) Jamal Adams – 92 Overall

So you are telling me that Jamal Adams, probably one of the best safeties on the NFL right now is only 92 and only the third best safety on this list. Madden you are making my stomach churn man. How can you deny this man the glory of being the best. He’s the only one on the Jets roster (aside from Le’Veon Bell) that even matters with that team. The guy makes the defense. He should be at least 95 and if not surpassing Harrison Smith, he should at least tie with him. Madden, you’re being disrespectful.

6.) Aaron Rodgers – 89 Overall

The disrespect right here. You are telling me that Aaron Rodgers is below a 90 to start, but also below Tom Brady. I’ve made this argument how many times that Rodgers is better than Brady. Maybe the NFL and EA Sports need to start realizing this cause Aaron Rodgers being below a 90 is completely crazy. The guy makes or breaks your game for the Packers. Now to say that your running back is higher than your quarterback after one season of a scheme working makes no sense to put him this low.

5.) Minkah Fitzpatrick – 87 Overall

I’m trying not to vomit as I write here, but Minkah Fitzpatrick wasn’t even in the Top Ten safeties in the Madden 21 game. Are you freaking kidding me? Madden, honestly look at yourself in the mirror and call yourself an idiot for this one. Steelers bias aside, Minkah was a breakout star in the Steel City. To have him just go up two points (I believe) from last year after his success in Pittsburgh. Take a pill Madden, you need to clear your head.

4.) Saquon Barkley – 91 Overall

Some might look at a 91 overall and think that is great, but this is freaking Saquon Barkley we are talking about here. He was a master of the game in his two seasons, and just because of some bad play calling and minor injury concerns, we are gonna give him a 91?? Get the hell out of here Madden. Plus, you give him a 78 in ball carrier vision? That ranks 86th among all the running backs. So you are telling that there are 85 higher running backs with better vision. You’re out of your mind.

3.) Kyler Murray – 77 Overall

I didn’t expect a lot, but man Madden what in the actual hell are you thinking here? Kyler Murray proved to the world that he was a really good rookie starting off in Arizona. So you are telling me that the best you could do was add four points to his rating from last year. I would punch the computer right now, but I press on and just wonder how stupid Madden is for this one. Kyler Murray is not a 77. Kyler Murray should be at least 83-84 range. Don’t like it? Too bad. He deserves it.

2.) T.J. Watt – 86 Overall and J.J. Watt – 98 Overall

We all know J.J. is a beast, but putting him at a 98 may just be going a little too far with his rating especially since his brother T.J. was a candidate for defensive player of the year last season, and yet is 12 overall points lower. Plus, J.J. is hurt almost every single season and only recorded four sacks last year. T.J. recorded 14.5 sacks in 2019. Come on Madden get your head out of your ass on this one.

1.) Rob Gronkowski – 95 Overall

So, a guy that retired from the NFL and hasn’t played for an entire year is automatically a 95 overall entering Madden 21… Excuse me for a second.

That is how I feel about Gronkowski’s rating. A 95 Madden?? Really?? They obviously just wanted to cash in on a big star coming back, but forreal. Rob Gronkowski is not as good as he once was. Injuries have plagued his career, but it is almost like Madden is making him like a Superman comeback story and man I just hate it. I hate every bit of it.

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