Washington R-Words Changing Their Name

Ladies and Gents, change is a-coming.

I think this press release was a last ditch effort from one of the worst owners in sports to us all, just for the record. The hype around the name change was MASSIVE heading into the weekend with names (real and fake) being speculated across all over the twittersphere. Some were serious, with some nice backgrounds.

Others were…just amazing.

All in all, I am glad the team in Washington is changing it’s name for the simple fact that it’s just time. From a purely financial and marketing perspwective, you have to assume they are going to make out like bandits when it comes to merch this year. Yes, I’m sure they will have to buy back a decent chunk of their current merch from distributors but I think they’ll be just fine.

The real question I have is will they make “Redskin” jerseys banned in the stadium? Highly unlikely considering that amount of people who have the jerseys already, but this would be an interesting addition to one of sports more memorable stories.

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