A Cult Classic; Repo! The Genetic Opera

I’ve been diving back into some films that made me think I was unique particularly because I thought I was the only person that knew of their existence. One of these just happens to be one of my favorites; Repo! The Genetic Opera.

Repo! The Genetic Opera is a wonderfully done film that combines two elements that I never thought would exist as one; Horror films and rock operas. Just that alone gave me all the initiative I needed to check this out and man was I not disappointed. This production was amazing!

The film takes place in the mid-21st century as an epidemic of organ failures have gripped the world. GeneCo., a company rises from the ashes of this travesty offering organ transplants on payment plans. Seems easy right? However, if you miss a payment, they send in the Repo Man who repossesses the organs from their customers.

In the midst of all of this legalized murder and drug addictions to provide perfect black market surgeries, a girl named Shilo searches for a cure for a rare blood disease she has. In this search, she finds out the deepest and darkest secrets the world has to offer her about her family and all of the evil in it.

This movie didn’t do great in terms of a Rotten Tomato score and it isn’t something to watch with the kids, but this is one of those cases where I am telling you the score doesn’t matter and to watch this masterful and musical gothic work. If you are looking for something new to look into then please give this unique fusion of rock and horror a watch and let it take you away into a fantasy realm to escape from the crazy shit going on in today’s society.

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