NBA Set On July 31st Return

Beyond the Arc

by Ben Fiore

Covid-19 has put a stunt to all sports as you may know. The first major sport to close their doors was the NBA. After months of no sports, the NBA feels that there has been enough progression to at least plan to return to normal operations.

The NHL announced their 24 team playoff platform for the remainder of their season and now the NBA will do something similar.

Today the Commissioner issued a statement that there will be 22 teams invited to Orlando, FL. 13 of those will be Western Conference teams and 9 of them from the Eastern Conference.

Each team will get 8 regular season games to finish the season and play-ins for the 8 seeds. This is scheduled to happen through October 12. There is a vote being held tomorrow to either ratify or solidify this plan.

Practice facilities have already been opening slowly dependent upon the area of the team. But now we will have basketball back this season according to commissioner Adam Silver.

With all of the chaos going on in the world, we can only hope that the return of sports in their own respective right can help unite the country. We finally have good news, and we finally have basketball back. Can’t wait for tip off!

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