Be the Change

Yesterday, Thoughts from the Bench didn’t post any content. I feel you all should understand why.

In the morning, the Rank King had an article ready to go for our followers. Immediately Deke said no posts because of Blackout Tuesday.

The entire Bench 100% understood and began to post a black picture on their social media platforms. That gesture right there was more than enough to show the side that the boys from Thoughts from the Bench stand on. I want you all to know that I not as a bencher, but as a black man that I am proud to call these guys friends. They all have a platform and put it aside to stand up for the right side of humanity.

It’s clear what’s happening in the world right now. Protests are happening all over the world now as the planet is using their voice to stand up for the rights of black men and women. I’m writing this to say please keep spreading love and awareness. 

Be the change that you want to see in this world. Do not be scared to stand up for what is right even if others think it’s wrong. In the social media era that currently exists, we all have a voice that needs can be heard. Do not be frightened to use that voice in order to spread positivity, love, and support for this movement. Black men and women have been fighting to survive in a system that’s designed for us to fail. Be the voice that isn’t scared to speak out on the white privilege that unfortunately still exists in this country so that liberty and justice for all isn’t just the end of the Pledge of Allegiance, but an actual reality.

Keep the energy and passion to keep this movement strong until the areas that are corrupted are fixed where they need to be within the police departments and bodies of government. Those same police that took the life away from George Floyd and many other innocent black men and women.

This world we live in now needs to change for the future. This world will not change unless we become that change. Biggie Smalls once said “we cannot change the world unless we change ourselves.” It is on us as humans to be that change. 

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