A Challenge to Our “Fearless” Leader.

Let me start this article by saying that I have the utmost respect for Deke and consider him a very good friend of mine, but damn does this kid know how to get under my skin when it comes to playing video games, especially Fifa.

He has handed me my fair share of losses and now I want revenge. Therefore, I am challenging Deke to a best of 3 games series with Champions League teams from the round of 16 before the tournament was suspended. What’s on the line other than bragging rights? Winner gets a case of beer of the winner’s choice and a bag of coffee from our wonderful sponsor, By The Wayside Coffee.

Since Deke is never going to step on a soccer field with me again, I figured this is the next best thing I can do. Now lets see if he will actually accept the challenge or if he’s going to ignore it and stick to losing to 12 year olds on Fortnite.

Griezmann Fortnite GIF - GriezmannFortnite AntoineGriezmann ...

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