K.I.D.S. Is Here

“Taking sips fron the fountain of youth, if you aint heard about the kid then you’re out of the loop”! Today we woke up with arguably the greatest news that has come out of 2020 with the release of Mac Miller’s unbelievable mixtape K.I.D.S. on music streaming platforms. If you could bottle up the word nostaliga and put it onto a C.D. that I legit stole from my brother with the words “Mac Miller KIDS” on it.

Kicking Incredibly Dope Shit was the soundtrack of highschool for everyone, providing hits such as “Get Em Up”, “Senior Skip Day” and of course “Knock Knock” this entire tape was unbelievable.

You’d be hard pressed for me to name my favorite song off of this mixtape for the simple reason that every song elicits a different high school emotion. “Nikes On My Feet” has a cool, casual vibe that made me buy my first pair of Air Max. “The Spins”, which I never really understood what the spins were until college, is proably the weirdest rap beat of all time and at the same time the perfect combination of fast paced electronic feel good music with the perfect level of playfulness in the words, and saying the word “Pittsburgh” in these songs was just plain genius because even in good ole Kiski, I thought “Oh Shit, I’M from there!” It wasn’t until later I learned that if you didn’t have blue street signs, you weren’t “from” Pittsburgh. S/O Buck.

I dare any pittsburgh area based kid to play the tape and not sing along. It’s taken me twenty times to get through this blog because each song that pops up, i just google about it and end up in a 92tilinfinity rabbit hole. I remember the absurd popularity of the Fireflies song that was PERFECTLY recreated on the track Don’t Mind if I Do. Smiles left and right folks.

I’ve been blessed in my later days to call guys like Jerm and Boyd friends of mine (even though if you’ve seen the Idiot Hour Boyd gets on my effing nerves like a brother) and listening to this tape again is the perfect mid-quarantine adventure. So press play, light one up and just fucking smile. Thumbs Up.

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