My Quarantine Homies

Social distancing can be rough, and we all are noticing that. We go from seeing our friends, coworkers, and families to pretty much seeing nobody at all given the day. As a result of being advised to social distance, we have turned to FaceTime, Zoom, and other forms of communication to keep in contact with the world around us. Social distancing has lead me to tune into YouTube and Facebook Live a lot to stay up to date with everything. So much it has become a new routine of mine, and I’m not complaining.

Typically I have been waking up at about 9/9:30 in the morning on days I don’t have to go into work. Usually around 10am I put on the ole YouTube and tune into the Pat McAfee Show. If you don’t know, Pat McAfee is a former NFL punter who has taken digital media by storm over the past couple of years. Pat and his crew have had numerous successful viral videos, podcasts, and have become one of my favorite shows to follow. The show itself is mainly focused on Sports Talk, but also has off the wall conversations about pop culture and life in general. Pat always has former players, coaches, and friends as guests, and there’s never a dull moment. The McAfee show is live from 10am-12pm, but can be heard at any time on Spotify, Apple Music, or whatever app you use for podcasts.

After the Pat McAfee Show, the next YouTube show I tune into is McAfee and Hawk Sports Talk, which typically goes live 1pm-2pm. The show itself is similar to Pat’s own show, however former NFL linebacker AJ Hawk joins the crew. Their conversations are always entertaining, and it’s funny when they rip on each other or Pat leaves AJ absolutely speechless. This combo is ELECTRIC, and I recommend checking out McAfee and Hawk Sports Talk.

Pretty much every week day around 4pm eastern time, I tune into Facebook live to watch Barstool Sports’, “Walk the Line.” The show is typically about sports betting, which I don’t really know too much about. However, during quarantine I started following the show because of a guy named Marty Mush. Mush is one of Barstool’s most popular personas, who gained my attention via his trick shot pong videos on Twitter.

The guy is very talented, and it’s always entertaining watching him power through his trick shot challenges. Mush’s tweets are also hilarious, which is why I decided I’d check out his show “Walk The Line.” Mush combined with Brandon Walker, Dana B, Jack, and any other guest they can scrape up is just pure gold. They try to put on a serious show, but the conversations and interruptions by Brandon’s kids are priceless. Every episode turns into a yelling match between the crew, and I honestly don’t think there’s been an episode where I haven’t laughed.

Okay now I love the Pat McAfee show, McAfee and Hawk Sports Talk, and Walk The Line, but I saved the best for last. There’s a Facebook Live show on once a week, it’s that special. The show is called “Two Beers Deep,” and it’s live every Thursday night at 6pm eastern time. The show is hosted by Deke and Greg with the help of intern Josh. Two Beers Deep focuses on everything from in-depth sports analysis to arguments over which fast food restaurant is best. These guys are my true homies, well most of them. Greg’s not that great, just kidding.. Greg knows pretty much everything there is about sports, and Deke is a walking baseball history book. The show is always entertaining, and fans can join in on the fun via the Facebook comments section.

As we have learned social distancing can be tough, but following along to your favorite shows and podcasts can help keep you sane.

Honorable Mention: If I am ever feeling hungry or running low on food, I always turn into “By The Slice,” for pizza recommendations by Elsass.

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